cozy living room

It doesn’t matter how you spend your days – whether it’s doing something you absolutely love or absolutely loathe – there is nothing better than stepping inside your home after a long day and collapsing on that perfectly worn sofa in your epitome-of-cozy living room. That’s what it’s all about.Continue Reading

DIY bedroom makeover

Some people prefer the help of a professional to get their bedroom redecorated. Well, they prefer to use other people to get pretty much any room in the home redecorated. Doing it this way might mean that it gets done a little more professionally, but it does mean you’re spendingContinue Reading

rental home featured image

There’s nothing worse than not feeling settled in your humble abode. If you haven’t raised enough money for a deposit and you are becoming a seasoned renter, the sense of being truly home can feel far away. Deep down, you know that this patch of bricks and mortar that youContinue Reading

french country kitchen

 If you want your kitchen to be both beautiful and warm as well as being amazingly comfortable, then you really cannot beat the French country kitchen. Whether you live in France, Florida or Fuji, you can bring a little of the French country kitchen your own home and make itContinue Reading

improve your home

When you’ve lived somewhere for a few years, it’s easy to end up feeling as though the place has lost its charm somewhat. A home that you might have truly loved when your first moved in can often end up feeling as though it doesn’t really have all that muchContinue Reading

perfect patio

A patio makes a great addition to any garden, offering a social space for hosting garden parties and eating al fresco or simply relaxing in the sun. A patio can even add value to your home, helping to make your property more attractive to buyers if you plan on selling.Continue Reading

dinner party

Got a dinner party planned? On top of wowing your guests with flavors, a dinner party is also a chance to impress your guests visually by turning your home into a private themed restaurant for the night. Whether you want something fun or classy, here are some tips for decoratingContinue Reading