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With the rise in the number of people being restricted to their houses working, there has been a steep rise in the transformations of home offices due to the pandemic and lockdown situations. Creating a separate décor for the home office spaces also distinguishes the personal and workspace in thisContinue Reading

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People’s homes are their happy places. At home, people can unwind, relax, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, whether it’s watching TV or getting some much-needed sleep in a bed. Obviously, everyone has a different opinion about what the most important room in the house is. Some people, forContinue Reading

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Home decor is a worthy investment for your living space. Not surprisingly, homeowners love to decorate their homes and always look for the best decor trends and ideas. The best way to make a home look amazing is to think unique but within your budget. Are you also in searchContinue Reading

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Summertime is the best time to throw open parties. There are various options to make your get-together stand out in summer. Backyard summer party can make your next outdoor party more exciting and impressive. If you are planning to throw an outdoor party, you might look for ways to decorateContinue Reading

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Putting your time and energy into your home can have some beautiful results. Not only is something feeling new and fresh, but it has you within it—it’s personalized and unique because you did the work yourself. The following will explore some easy ideas for DIY home decor projects you canContinue Reading

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The phrase, “first impression matters” has never been more applicable, as it is to decorate an entryway. The entryway gives an impression of what to expect when stepping into your home space. You want to make a statement from the get-go. You need some entryway ideas that will add pizazz.Continue Reading

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Digital design technology is a new trend that has rapidly gained popularity. Lighting and sound engineering firms are now jumping into the digital display bandwagon. Now they can to deliver an immersive experience for residential clients. Let’s look at five luxurious decor tips that use digital displays to enable homeownersContinue Reading