Home Décor with Rugs: Ways to Get Started.

Adding a beautiful carpet to a dull room is undoubtedly a problem-solving idea. There are so many other compelling decor items available out there, but rugs alone offers you a good reason to take your entire home decor theme to the next level. 

It would not be wrong to say that it ties a room with all the other furnishing items so beautifully that the whole room looks complete and professionally designed. 

Putting simply, a rug is a home decor item that defines the beauty of the room. It introduces warmth and a layered effect that goes a long way. 

If you have no idea about decorating your home with rugs, this article is for you. We have done deep research on the subject matter and come up with the ten killer ways to start upscaling your home decor.

Let’s dive in. 

Colorful rug in a living room

Define Areas with Rugs 

Rugs are perfect area definers. They can split up the areas in a way that you might not think of before.

To give you a better understanding, imagine laying one between the seating area and dining area or between the seating area and foyer. This is the best way to go if you have particularly larger rooms that are used for multiple purposes and requires proper definition. 

Play with Variety

Rugs come in an immense variety to blend well in all types of decor themes. You can use more than one in a room to be more creative with interior decor.

The thing here to keep in mind is using two different types in one room. For example, with an original jute carpeted rug, a modern-style vintage rug will look awesome.

Beware of its size too. Same-sized rugs look fuzzy and visually split the room in half. Seek variety in sizes to maintain a sense of diversity. 

Colorful rugs in house

Build Harmony

Styling two different types of rugs is not an easy task. Make sure both blend in with your existing decor and complement each other.

They must build harmony in place to avoid that jarring and boring vibe. Keep yourself away from choosing the mixture of warring patterns.

For example, a cozy and ultra-soft shaggy rug will not go with the geometric design and thin runner one. 

Focus On Color Schemes

A rug can play a paramount role in deciding the rest of the color scheme of the room. Choosing one as a basis for your room theme works well if you are moving to a new apartment.

If this is not the case, make sure to keep your furniture and other decor items into account to decide on the color of the rug to make an accent. 

Rug matching the decor in living room

Subtle or Bold?

Rugs are either used to quiet a place or spice it up as desired. Choose according to the room’s wall and upholstery.

If it is visually ornamental, lay a subtle pattern one such as a Scandi rug. On the other hand, in the case of having muted hues on walls and upholstery, an over-ornate bolder one will work fine to build up character in the room. 

Make It the Star of the Show

Rugs, without a doubt, make a big impression in any place they are laid. More oversized area rugs in the living room really steal the show when paired with large wall arts in shades that echo with it. 

Oversized rug

Jazz Up a Wall

Hanging antique rugs in a larger living room is considered old-fashioned, but in reality, it never goes out of trend. Many interior designers, stylists, and homeowners love jazzing up walls with intricate antique rugs to create that mid-century vibe. 

Cover the Cooking Place 

A modern kitchen rug with a fruity pattern and nonslip back covers the busiest corner in your home. It provides both protection and comfort. They are a practical way to add style. 

Rugs in a kitchen

Choose Shapes Wisely 

Rectangular rugs are the most common shape used in households. They do not necessarily have to be in a rectangular shape.

Let the furniture and other homemaking decor items decide the shape. Do not shy away from using the round, square, and oval-shaped ones if they look best and complement your place better than a rectangular one.

Update the Bathroom 

Use rugs and bathmats to update your bathroom and create a safer place, along with injecting new color trends. 

Rug in bathroom

The bonus tip 

Always choose a rug with a strong and rigid anti-slip backing to prevent yourself from falling or tripping. You can also use a high-quality liner according to your flooring type and size.  

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