Why You Should Hire A Locksmith Before Moving Into Your New Home

The move to a new home is a momentous occasion in anyone’s life. Having closed the deal and signed the contract, should your worries be over? Not if you have not yet called a professional locksmith. Why should you hire a locksmith?

You must have all of your locks changed before you move in! 

If you are moving to a new house, changing the locks should be on the top of your moving checklist to ensure your family’s safety and the safety of your belongings. 

So, what can a locksmith do for you? 



Changing the code of an existing lock is quicker and cleaner than replacing the entire lock (which means replacing the door hardware), and it’s cheaper. In addition, you can recode existing locks to match a new set of keys. 

Key control is another reason to rekey your home because you can give duplicate keys to every member of your family so that no one else has access. 

Changing all the locks could be more expensive than rekeying them. This benefit is that you do not have to replace your locks to ensure that your office and home are safe. You will save a lot of time and money by hiring a locksmith to do the job. 

A locksmith will complete the task in no time, and the whole process is not costly. Rekeying locks takes less time than replacing them. 

Rekeying a lock

Installing New Locks 

If rekeying does not appeal to you, you can install new locking mechanisms on all of your entrances so that you will be the only person who has access to the building’s interior. 

Even though it may be tempting to change the locks yourself, it’s always better to get the services of a professional locksmith because a lot goes into changing your lock. 

In addition, installation is not an easy task, even for an experienced home handyman. However, an improperly installed lock may fail to function as it should or, worse, leave your home even more vulnerable.

Installing new locks


You may find yourself in a situation where you need to replace the locks in your home because someone has attempted to break in. In this case, a locksmith will be your best option for increasing the security of your home and restoring your peace of mind. You can choose from high-security locks, decorative locks, or even surveillance cameras.

In addition, you should report any attempted break-ins to your local police station. Avoid installing security locks yourself because you can easily make mistakes. Moreover, duplicate keys should only be done by reputable locksmiths.

security locks

Saving Money

In the long run, hiring a professional locksmith for your residential, commercial, or car lock replacement will save you money. Everyone wants to save money these days, and friends may urge you to hire an inexperienced handyperson.

It may seem expensive to install a new security system in your home, but the lower insurance premium that you will pay every month will make it worthwhile for your budget. In addition, the insurance company you will be dealing with will visit your property and look at how easy it is for robbers to enter. Safety is all about assessing the risk and making smart decisions.

image representing being safe at home

Convenient and Time-saving

Professional locksmith companies ensure they provide excellent services and protect their brand’s reputation, which is why they offer good customer service since they’re looking to attract new clients.

The main objective of an untrained local handyman is to make a fortune from you and walk away. That is why they provide poor-quality services while charging you a low price. They will also take longer to complete your job than the one performed by a trained professional. 

An experienced professional has the right tools for the job. Consequently, they will complete the task faster than an untrained handyman without the proper tools to complete your project to your satisfaction.

Preofessional locksmith

Other Keys Floating Around 

If you haven’t built your own home from scratch, likely, someone has already lived in the house. 

Moving into a new home can present a security risk to you and your family because you don’t know what keys are floating around. Replacing the locks in your new home makes any key to the old lock useless.  

Having an ex-owner come into your home might seem unthinkable; however, it happens. For example, a former owner who lost a home to foreclosure may be annoyed that someone else owns the property and can damage it. 

Changing the locks will not guarantee a burglary won’t occur, but it makes it harder for someone to walk right in with the door unlocked and reduces the potential for a crime of opportunity.  

Changing the locks

Latest Lock Technology

The technology available in residential locks has advanced tremendously within the last couple of decades, an excellent advantage for older properties. Changing the locks in your home is a perfect way to ensure your family’s safety. 

Additionally, your current locks may be old and outdated. You need to install locks that feature technology that can genuinely enhance your relaxation. 

If you don’t have a smart lock, you might want to get it. A person can control a smart lock remotely, so they are advanced. 

If the kids lose their house keys and cannot get inside after school, or if you need someone to fix something in your home but don’t want to give them a key, you can use the app on your phone to open the door remotely. 

Some locks even have a self-locking feature, so if you have a child who occasionally forgets to lock the door, you don’t need to worry. 


Final Thoughts on Why To Hire a Locksmith 

If you want to prevent someone from going into your home without permission, call a locksmith to do the work. Whether you’re trying to avoid former tenants or actual burglars, you’ll want to make sure that your home is secure. 

Your home’s locks are crucial to the safety of your property. If you fail to maintain them today, you could face serious consequences tomorrow.   

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