3 Important Ways to Heat Your Homestead: A Guide

While the weather is improving in many locations throughout the US, winter is only ever a few seasons away. That means if you are not keen on wearing all your clothes indoors, or shivering throughout the night, knowing how to heat your homestead is essential. The good news is that there are several options to consider, read more about each one below. 

The problem with electricity 

Now you may be wondering why you can not just use electricity to heat your homestead. Well, being dependent on electric heaters is not such a good idea because it can be challenging and expensive to get on the grid, and time-consuming to repair a connection in the dead of winter. That is why all three options below will work independently of electrical power to heat your homestead. 

Ways to Heat Your Homestead

house in winter

Pellet Stove

One of the most popular ways of heating a homestead is with a pellet stove. The advantages of this type of heating system are many, and the first is that it is easy to control the temperature in your home. This is because stoves come with built-in thermostats which allow homesteaders a temperature range wider than simply boiling hot or freezing cold.

Another benefit of using a pellet stove to heat your homestead is that, unlike a wood fire, they do not need to be tended constantly. What this means is you can fill them with pellets and expect an even room temperature all night, without having to get up from your cozy bed. 

Of course, pellet stoves are not perfect and there are some disadvantages that you need to consider as well. One of the most significant of these is that they can be a more costly option than a wood burner. Additionally, pellets tend to be in short supply over a hard winter, and this means you may not be able to access the fuel you need to heat your home unless you have a substantial stockpile. 

Propane Gas 

Another option to consider when heating your homestead is propane gas. Indeed many people prefer this method because it provides clean heat that requires very little additional work or management. 

Also, as you can see from these propane prices it is a cost-effective option as well. This is primarily because propane is a by-product from petroleum manufacture, something that means it is not in any danger of running out like pellets.  

Of course, to be able to use propane to heat your homestead you will need to invest in a furnace and schedule your propane tank to be refilled at places like these cylinder filling stations, whether you do this yourself or with the help of someone like Nelson Propane.

propane tank

Wood Heat

You may think that using wood to heat your homestead is far too old school to be efficient. However, this simply is not the case. Indeed, with modern burners and fires, you can expect an impressive 75-80% maximum efficiency. That means 75-80% of the energy contained in the wood will be converted to heat. 

On the negative side, before you choose wood to heat your homestead you must consider the practical implications. These include keeping your woodpile stocked up, as well as building and tending the fire, something that can make this option less than ideal for those that already have their hands full taking care of their animals and property. 

If you are not keen on wearing all your clothes indoors or shivering throughout the night, knowing how to heat your homestead is essential. The good news is that there are several options to consider.

Final Thoughts

You now have 3 very good options to heat your homestead without electricity should the need arise or simply just to save money on your power bill. You should decide which option is best for your situation.

If you have any experience with these ways to heat your homestead please share your experiences in the comment box below for other homesteaders.

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