Healthy Treats For Your Furry Friend

Our dogs deserve to be loved and kept healthy through their lifetime. They give us so much value and unconditional love during their lives. It is up to us to treat them and keep them happy and healthy throughout. It is tempting to give into those puppy eyes and give your dog hundreds of biscuits every day when they behave well. But these treats aren’t a healthy option. They can make your dog overweight after a while. There’s no issue giving your dog a treat now and again. But for the rest of the time, there are some much healthier options. There are better options and healthy treats available for your furry friends.

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Healthy Treats For Your Furry Friends





Most of us might hate cabbage, but dogs tend to enjoy the strong taste and will happily munch on it if you give it to them. Cabbage is a vegetable which belongs to the same family as sprouts and broccoli, and all of these treats are known to have cancer-fighting properties. Steaming some cabbage to add to your dog’s dinner can be an amazing way to give healthy treats to your dog.

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This spice may provide more color than flavor most of the time. But turmeric is a slice which can be incredibly beneficial for your dog as they grow older. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory which soothes sore muscles and joints, giving to better mobility and reduced arthritis symptoms. If you have an older dog who is starting to suffer from their movement, sprinkle some turmeric on their food each day for better health and a happy pooch.

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Frozen Sardines


Fish can be a brilliant food to give to your dog. It is full of essential oils and fatty acids which are key to a healthier dog. If you want to give your dog a treat while out an about you can feed them small sardines. When frozen they provide a crunchy treat and will ensure your dog stays healthy.

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Red Peppers


It isn’t just us who love to eat red peppers, dogs love it too. Red peppers are a vegetable full of flavor, sweetness, and antioxidants for your dog to enjoy. You can simply dice a pepper up and bring it out with you for training for a vitamin-packed treat they can enjoy.

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Pumpkin is a starchy carb which is loaded with vitamins and minerals essential for our health and our dog’s health too. They are full of iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C and lots of potassium. The best way to feed your dog pumpkin is to dice it up into inch cubes, boil it and keep it in a bag for a quick treat during the day. Pumpkin is sweet so will be a lovely treat for your furry friend to enjoy.

healthy treats



Apples are a great remedy if your dog has bad breath and can even help to reduce the plaque building up in their mouths. Dogs love apples and will often munch on apples fallen from a tree. You can even use an apple as a ball to throw on a walk, and eventually, your dog will eat the whole thing.

healthy treats


Now you know of a few healthy treats for your furry friends that aren’t just yummy, but beneficial too. Do your furry friends enjoy these treats?


Commercial treats sold in stores are not good for your furry friends. Here are some healthy treats that promote great health.




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