In today’s modern and highly connected world, it can end up being a great challenge to get the sleep that you need on a nightly basis, But there are some improvements that you can make to your sleeping environment if you find yourself tossing and turning all night. Here, weContinue Reading

twilight years

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dental health

Our teeth and gums are often forgotten when we think about our overall health. After all, they don’t affect our fitness, and there aren’t any serious common health conditions that affect them. But that is no reason to neglect your oral health. Taking good care of your teeth will eliminateContinue Reading

Commercially Grown Foods: Is it killing us?

Did you know that most diseases we suffer from stem from the commercially grown food we purchase to feed our families? That’s a scary thought huh? It’s true! Most of the food we buy in our local grocery stores, like meat, poultry, and fruits and vegetables are not as healthy asContinue Reading