Having A Mess-Free Home With Kids

There’s no denying that children can be very messy and untidy. But does that mean that you have to give up on ever having a completely clean home? Thankfully, there are ways you can enjoy a mess-free home even when you have kids running around. You might also be pleased to hear that the solutions won’t always result in tantrums!


So, ready to reclaim your home? Ready to get it back to how it was before the kids arrived on the scene? Here are some great ways you can have a mess-free home despite your messy kids!

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Having A Mess-Free Home With Kids




Get A Cleaner


If you are really busy with work and your family’s social life, you might not have a lot of time to dedicate to cleaning. As a result, you might find that all of your kids’ mess and clutter will quickly start to pile up. There is one simple solution to this. You just need to hire a cleaner! Don’t worry about this being a very expensive luxury. In actual fact, you should find that the majority of cleaning services are very reasonably priced.


If you can’t stretch to paying for a cleaner to come and help you out on a regular basis, you might just want to pay for one specialty clean. The likes of True North Cleaning Professionals can come and help you brighten up your carpets when they are starting to look a bit tired. Or, you might want to arrange a cleaner to come just once a month and give your house a good going over and deep clean. This is a great choice to attaining a mess-free home.

mess-free home



Take The Time To Declutter


The more stuff you have in the house, the more things there will be to add to the mess. So, you might want to try and declutter as much as possible. In fact, it’s a good idea to try and go as minimal as possible, then you won’t have enough stuff for your kids to make a mess with! If they have closets and cupboards full of toys, you might want to go through them all and sort them out. See what you can send away to recycling or give to a local charity shop. Ideally, try and do this once a year as kids grow out of toys very quickly.

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Give Everything A Home


When it comes to all the items and belongings that you have left, you should take the time to ensure that everything has its own home. A simple place where it belongs when it is not being used. That way, it’s ever so easy to tidy up when the kids have finished playing, for instance. You just have to put everything back where it goes. This is another important step in maintaining a mess-free home.


This is also a great way to encourage young children to try and stay neat and tidy while they are playing. You should encourage them to put a toy back in its home once they are finished with it. This also means that there is a lot less chance that anything will be misplaced or go missing. Hopefully, it will be in its home when you need it next!

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Use Wipeable Materials


Kids always seem to be spilling drinks or dropping food on the floor and even on furniture. As you can tell, this can be a nightmare on carpets and soft furnishings. The spillage could cause a big stain which could end up ruining whatever it was dropped on. There is one way around this. You can simply mix up your decor so that there are more wipeable materials in it. These will be a lot easier to clean. And you won’t have to worry about spillages staining them so often.


For instance, you might want to swap any carpeted areas in your kitchen or bathroom for some hard flooring, such as wood or tiles. If you are worried that the hard floors might be too cold or will lead to some tears if your kids take a tumble, then you could always add a small rug. Swapping your soft sofas for ones made out of leather is also advisable as the leather will be a lot harder to stain.

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Invest In Good Kitchen Appliances


Sick of spending so long standing at your kitchen sink washing up after the kids? You could always buy a dishwasher to help you with the big load of dirty pots and pans! Dishwashers are extremely useful kitchen appliances. You can use them for more than washing up. For example, if you have a baby or small toddler, they are an easy way to sterilize bottles and sippy cups. You can also wash your kids’ bath toys in the dishwasher too!


It’s a really good idea to add plenty of appliances to your kitchen. They can help you keep your kitchen clean in as little time as possible. Just remember that it’s always worth investing in the top-quality models. They won’t end up as faulty as some of the cheaper versions. Having a clean kitchen helps with having a mess-free home.

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Teach Your Children Responsibilities


Of course, you will find that cleaning up after your kids isn’t so time-consuming if you get them to help you with it! It’s a good idea to teach your kids about responsibilities and chores from a young age so that they can quickly get into the habit of tidying up after themselves. Not only will this help you out with all the tidying that needs doing, but it will also help to set them up for later life when the time comes for them to move into their own place.


They might not be so happy about helping at first and may throw a few tantrums, but after a while of being persistent, you’ll find that they get used to making sure to have a mess-free home after their play session.

You can ensure a mess-free home by following these simple steps.


Just because you have kids, it doesn’t mean you have to live in a messy house! All the tips above should help you keep things neat and tidy, just the way you like them. Do you have other tips to share that would help keep a mess-free home? Please share them in the comments below.


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