10 Ways To Achieve a Happier Homestead

Your beautiful homestead has served you and your family well over the years; you have watched your little ones grow up and made so many unforgettable memories. No matter how nostalgic your homestead is, you sometimes need to shake it up a little to keep it fresh and new. You are always looking for ways to modernize your home without losing the rustic, countryside vibe you love so much.


The truth is, you don’t have to spend a fortune on changing your homestead completely. Just a few simple and cheap tweaks will give you a total transformation you never thought was possible. From dutiful deep cleaning to a closet clear out, it’s time for you to embrace a new project.


Instead of sitting around and wondering how you could change up the vibe of your home, it is time to actually take some action. This overhaul is going to make your homestead a happier and healthier place to live. You will still be able to retain those beautiful memories, but you will now be able to add an elegant twist to your home and surrounding land. Grab some inspiration from these ten terrific ideas and make your homestead a happier homestead.

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How To Have A Happier Homestead



1.Invest In High-Quality Tools


You can’t have the happier homestead you deserve if you don’t have the correct tools to maintain it. Even if you don’t enjoy cleaning it is certainly something you need to keep up with in order achieve a healthy home. Investing in high-quality cleaning equipment will make your job so much easier. So don’t opt for cheap and breakable items.


Your floors are inevitably the dirtiest part of your home. Check out this Spin Mop Guide to make sure your floors are always sparkling clean. Online reviews and guides are one of the best ways to find the most effective tools for your home. Spend some time looking online and you’re bound to find a hidden gem that works for you.

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2. Make Your Own Cleaning Products


Our houses are filled with chemicals and toxins we wouldn’t even know about and that is usually from the cleaning products we use every single day. You can make your own organic, healthy products using the simple ingredients in your cupboards. Lemons, vinegar, baking soda and even Coca-Cola can work wonders on your stubborn stains. Check out the homemade cleaning methods on this blog for inspiration.

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3. Stay On Top Of Your Weekly Chores


There is nothing more overwhelming than having a whole load of washing up piled up in the corner of the kitchen and a ton of laundry overflowing in the basket. As painstaking as chores can be, they are even worse when you leave them to mount up into an unmanageable state over time. Try and keep on track with your daily and weekly tasks so that you don’t have to undertake huge overwhelming cleaning sprees.

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4. Clear Out Your Closets


Your closets are overflowing with bits and bobs you never even need anymore, so why not have a good old fashioned clear out? You might even be able to make some money out of your unwanted belongings too. Sell some of your clothes and your kid’s old clothes online. Or bag them up and take them to your local charity shop. Clearing out space can be physically and mentally relieving, so get to work and feel free again!

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5. Add a Modern Twist


You can add an elegant angle to any aspect of your home without breaking the bank. A decorative cushion in your living room, a luxury scented candle in the hallway or a shabby chic rug can change up the entire vibe of your home. Consider a handful of statement items that suit your personality and family ethics and add them to your home as a seamless boost to its sophistication.

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6. Dazzle and Decorate


Chipped paint and peeling wallpaper are every homeowner’s nightmare. The little imperfections can add up and create a messy aura, which you really don’t want. Freshen up your entire home with a swish of paint and you will soon feel more content with the entire ambiance of your home.

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7. Get The Family Involved


Everybody in the family should be helping you out with your household chores and decorating projects. Manual labor can be cut in half if you share the load with the rest of the people living in the house. Make it a fun family activity and bond together doing something enjoyable altogether.

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8. Grow Your Own Food


Living on a huge stretch of land gives you the ability to grow your own fresh vegetables and herbs in your back garden. If you haven’t already tried growing your own fresh produce then you should seriously consider it. You could have plump potatoes, juicy tomatoes, and fresh rosemary straight from your backyard and onto your dinner plates. Every dish will taste all the more delicious if you have grown it organically yourself.

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9. Spend More Time Outside


You’ve been blessed with a vast amount of outdoor space so make sure you take care of it. Mow your lawns, tend to your flowers and make it a beautiful space to spend time in. When the sun is shining there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting outside in a tidy garden.

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10. Enjoy What You Have


Don’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to the upkeep of your home. Enjoy every element that you have created and simply enjoy the happier homestead you live in.

Achieving a happier homestead is easy when you follow these simple steps.



Now you know what it takes to improve your homestead using small and simple techniques. It won’t take months or years to change up your living space. In fact, you could complete this transformation in as little as a week if you put your mind to it. From your outdoor space to your cleaning equipment, all you need to do is make a handful of easy changes to your normal routine. Now that summer is approaching you can welcome guests to your home and feel proud of the space you have created. A healthy, high standard and happier homestead is just around the corner. 


  1. My husband and I are on a mission this year to clean up our outdoor space. It’s been several years since I’ve felt well enough to really do a lot of heavy work, so projects really piled up.

    I cleaned up most of the garden and have all of my main crops planted, yay! I still have a lot of weeding to do, booooo. 🙂

    I’m slowly making headway on those projects, and your post is very timely. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hey Lisa, I hear ya.

      We moved from one house to another on the same property then I lost my Dad in January. This place was a complete disaster too. Together my man and I have slowly got to the point where we may be close to caught up. I have a torn rotator cuff so I can’t do heavy work either so I feel your pain!

      I am so happy this post was beneficial to you! Thanks for taking the time!

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