The Chicken Chick’s Guide to Backyard Chickens: A Review

I have to admit that I am an avid reader of books. I devour over 12 or more books a month on various topics. Especially books whose subject matter pertaining to homesteading. So when I was offered to review the “The Chicken Chick’s Guide To Backyard Chickens (affiliate link) I jumped at the idea.
Chickens are one of my favorite farm friends on my homestead. When I first got started with my own chickens I knew absolutely nothing about them. After reading Kathy’s book, I know that if I had this book when I got started raising them, I would have saved myself a lot of aggravation for both me and my chickens.
There is so much information available on the web about chickens that it can be overwhelming. The biggest problem is that a good portion of it is written by people who really just repeat what they heard or read. They really don’t know if what they type holds true or not. This is where Kathy’s book comes in…
The Chicken Chick's Guide To Backyard Chickens Cover

The Chicken Chick’s Guide to Backyard Chickens: A Review

Unlike the plethora of misinterpreted information you can find on the web, Kathy speaks from years of experience and personal challenges. From her legal battle with her local town to allow chickens in the first place, to her stories of experience and learning, Kathy seems to be the guru at raising chicken in a happy, healthy, and no-fuss way.
This book addresses everything from getting everything ready before bringing chickens home to sicknesses and how to care for the sick chicken.
Her common-sense no-fuss outlook is like a breath of fresh air. She addresses many myths about chickens that people commonly use. She expels those myths and explains why they are really not beneficial for their chickens.
Kathy's interior of her chicken coop


Kathy talks about coop building and placement, bedding, nesting boxes, and roosts and runs. She uses a simple approach to doing what is safe and healthy for your chickens. She addresses moisture and spacial problems in the coop and how to prevent them as well. I could only wish my coops were as cute as hers!


If you are a chicken owner, The Chicken Chick's Guide To Backyard Chickens is a must-read!


There is also a section on possible health problems and prevention as well as feeding suggestions and the importance of always having fresh water. And all of her information is backed by collaborations with poultry veterinarians and professors.  I don’t think you will have any questions about chickens when you are done reading this book.
The numerous pictures, diagrams, and instructions throughout the book are beautiful. You will see first hand her coop and yard set up and pictures of her feathered friends. And you will learn a lot just within the pictures. She explains the egg-laying process from start to finish like no other!
interior page from Amazon site
I rate this book with five stars. Every chicken owner whether the “newbie” or the novice chicken owner will gain a wealth of information after reading this book.
Pick up your copy of The Chicken Chick’s Guide To Backyard Chickens (affiliate link) today and start enjoying a no fluff guide to raising chickens.


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