Growing Oilseeds: How to Get Started

Here is a quick and easy guide to those just getting started in growing oilseeds.  They’re grown all over the world. They are considered particularly important due to their economic value. You should be in good hands as long as you know how to take care of them.

Whatever type of crop you’re growing, you know that it can be a challenging business to be in. It doesn’t matter if you’re growing to sell or just to sustain yourself at home. Some crops are easier to grow than others. And some will make sure that you make a bit more money as well.


growing oilseeds


Growing Oilseeds: How To Get Started




Why grow oilseeds?


Besides the obvious reasons of making money or just having some homemade cooking oil in your kitchen cabinet, there are many good reasons why you should start growing oilseeds – and in whatever scale you’re able to.


Oil crops are harvested for their oil but can also be chemically turned into biodiesel by adding alcohol. There are so many uses for it and, by looking after your crop carefully, you’ll be able to make quite some money from it.


While we often see baskets of healthy tomatoes and shiny eggplants all over the farmer’s market, oils and oilseeds are just starting to make themselves known. The farmer’s markets should be a great platform to sell your produce. In other words, your customers will love a new addition to the regular stalls.





What to grow: Rapeseed


One of the most popular oilseeds to grow, both in large and small scale, are the rapeseeds. This is because it produces more oil per unit of land than other conventional biodiesel stocks. You’ll get a lot for your money, time, and land. In other words, and should be able to grow your business as soon as you’ve got the ball rolling.


If you’re not that into biodiesel, you can always focus on turning your rapeseeds into cooking oil. Canola is the most frequently used cultivar of the seed. You’ll be able to sell your homemade bottles of this in no time at the farmer’s market.


Just find some reliable canola seed suppliers, prepare the land you have available, and get started planning your new business.





What to grow: Soybean


Another crop that produces high-quality biodiesel is regular soybean. It yields a slightly lower oil per acre than the rapeseed does, though. Iy also takes up quite a lot of space. That’s why you should avoid farming large scale with soybeans unless you have a decent amount of land to let them bask in.





There are a ton of other oilseeds you can get into as well such as algae, castor, and even olives. Have a look around the web to read up on their different needs first, and prepare to bottle it up and sell it to your community.



Growing oilseeds is easy once you learn how.




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