How To Grow Healthy Vegetables Indoors Correctly

It is great being able to pick fresh veggies or herbs from your own garden to cook a meal, however, that’s not much of an option when it’s winter and snowing outside. Learn how to grow healthy vegetables indoors and everything changes.

As long as you have some good soil, containers, and some space in your home that get direct light for six hours each day, or you have some growing lights from hydroponics suppliers, you can easily grow healthy vegetables indoors through the winter. 

indoor vegetables

What You Need to Grow Healthy Vegetables Indoors

  • Some good quality potting soil
  • Vegetable and herbs seeds
  • Containers
  • A since sunny spot or light set up
  • Twine if you want to grow things like beans
indoor greenhouse

What Can You Grow?


Lettuce is incredibly simple to grow and also come in a wide variety. You can place them on your window sill, or a table near a nice sunny spot and they will do just fine. Once you have to sow your seeds it will only be around a week before you see them sprouting, and only a month before you will have lettuce to enjoy.


Kale and Cabbage

Just like lettuce, these are really easy to grow and they will survive the winter. If you live in a place where the weather stays mild nor go below freezing, then you can still grow this outside during the winter. If you want to grow them indoors, you can grow them in the exact same way as lettuce, just space the seeds a little further apart and allow them more room to grow. 


Tomatoes and Peppers

You can grow healthy vegetables like these in a few different ways. On a windowsill in a planter or upside-down using a pop-bottle planter. People see a massive amount of success from using the bottle-pop method during the winter months. You can even transfer your plants outside once it starts to get warmer in spring, knowing you have given them a good start through the winter. 



These are probably the easiest to grow if you want to grow healthy vegetables indoors. Plus, they look great as a houseplant. If you grow them over a canvas frame and secure them to a window, they can look great and bring some color to your house in the winter season. Yes, the beans will obstruct some of your view of the outside as they grow, however, more than enough light will still get through to light up your home. If you do not want to use your window, they will grow great in a pot with a bamboo stick for support. 


Culinary Herbs

It is great to be able to add fresh herbs to your cooking. Apart from dill (it needs a lot of sunlight), you should be able to grow any kind of herb in your home. Woody herbs like thyme, rosemary, and oregano do fantastic in window boxes, and so will chives, and savory. 

indoor herbs


You really cannot get any more simple than cress! You may even remember your grandma having old butter tubs full of cress, that seemed to be there just for your egg and cress sandwich? Throw in a few seeds and in a few days, you have yourself some cress. 

Don't fret over the cold winter months this year! Learn how to grow healthy vegetables indoors this winter season and continue with your harvest!

Final Thoughts on Growing Healthy Vegetables Indoors

This guide should help to get you interested or thinking about growing healthy vegetables indoors through winter. You can also add herbs too. With some great soil, healthy seeds, some sun, or grow lights, you can grow healthy vegetables year-round both inside and outside the home.

Even if you are a beginner and want to wait until the weather allows for an outdoor garden, I have a great e-book for beginners on growing vegetables and saving money just for people like you! You can check it out on my Shop Page!

Do you grow healthy vegetables indoors over winter? Please share your tips and tricks and experiences in the comment box below.

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