Why You Need To Adopt Regular Grease Trap Cleaning

The hard hustle to keep your restaurant growing is ensuring it’s clean and safe. You need to work extra hard in handling client relations, staff management, monitoring inventory, and anything that helps your business to run smoothly.

Things like a dirty grease trap can lead to the collapse of your enterprise. A grease trap is a tool that intercepts solids and grease before they enter the drainage system.

For this tool to work effectively, you need to clean it regularly. The service providers for the grease trap pump in Brisbane are in a better position to help. They ensure that you have little or no hitches with your grease trap. 

Grease from fryers

Regular cleaning has the following advantages:

It limits buildup

Excess grease, oil, and fat, commonly known as FOG in industries, can build up in a grease trap. They thus clog the system resulting in reduced functionality.

Regular cleaning maintains high clean standards of your restaurant and its safety too. When grease sits longer in this trap, it starts to rot and turns rancid. The results are strong odors in the trap, which is a significant health risk. 

Cleaning a grease trap

Protects the environment

Regular grease trap cleaning helps in environmental protection. When the trap is free from FOG, these fats, oils, and grease won’t seep into waterlines to get into the water supply. They threaten the health of all water users and even aquatic life if they get into water bodies around them. 

Keeps your operations moving

Clean grease traps help your business, kitchen, or home to function fully. Failure to keep your grease traps clean there will be problematic backups. You will have to stop operations and call for repairs. You will lose many clients to your competitors at closure time if it’s a business. 

kitchen fryers

Easy cleaning

Regular cleanups prevent much buildup, and thus it becomes easy for the next cleanups. There won’t be much dirt in the trap that will need much more time and energy to clean. 

Foul smell

Much accumulation of the FOG in your grease trap over time will start to rot and diffuse a rotting smell. Failure to treat this on time makes the scent bothersome regardless of the interceptor position.

It adversely affects the client’s numbers who will visit your business. The smell will end up damaging your restaurant or home’s reputation. 

double fryers

It’s expensive to replace the tank

The trapped FOG and solid food waste in the trap are all chemical compounds. When you leave the trap uncleaned for a long time, the trapped wastes break down to release hydrogen Sulphur gas. It later turns into Sulphuric acid. Sulphuric acid is highly toxic and can damage inceptor walls and steel. The results will call for expensive replacements of the worn-out parts.

Awful cleaning

When your trap captures FOG and all other solid particles from the kitchen, they settle at the tank base. When you fail to remove this clog regularly, it becomes a thick and hard mass that’s immovable. It becomes a barrier that’s not easy to clean. 

dirty grease trap


Most municipalities and local governments have some penalties related to poor treatment of the FOG. You can get fined for failing to install a grease trap or not maintaining it well. It’s hard to evade these penalties. Municipalities will spot high FOG concentrations in the sewers. They will impose harsh penalties like revocation of your business permit. 


It’s easy for most people to ignore the need for regular cleaning and maintenance of grease traps. They end up allowing the trap to clog and regret later the results that come with it. Professional service providers will ensure your grease trap gets the required attention. 

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