3 Things That Are Stopping You From Going Greener

I think it’s fair to say we all have the intention of going green – or at least being greener human beings. This starts in the home, and I’ve written about the different ways you can achieve a green life on your homestead. However, many of you still have problems. You still struggle to lower your carbon footprint and have a more eco-friendly home. But you can be going greener yet!


Are you wondering how you can possibly be going greener than you currently are? This post mentions three things that may be holding you back that are the most common. You might be surprised by what they are.

3 Things That Are Stopping You From Going Greener


Bad Recycling Habits


I have spoken to many people who follow some very eco-friendly habits at home. They do all they can to minimize water waste, they cut down on energy consumption, etc. But, they struggle to uphold a strict recycling routine. If you don’t recycle, then your home will still have a substantial carbon footprint. 


Get into the habit of trying to recycle or repurpose everything. Food can be recycled as compost, which can then be used around your homestead to help plants grow. Very few things can’t be recycled or re-used. Start cleaning out food packaging, and it suddenly can be recycled. Even a plastic package that contained a ready meal can be re-used by cleaning it and then keeping food in there with cling film or foil sealing it. Reduce your waste, and your carbon footprint will decrease. 


recyling sign



Old Windows


Yes, old windows are holding your green ambitions back. I’ve talked about reducing energy consumption, but this is difficult if your windows are old. Why? Because the sash fixtures can be in terrible condition, leading to small gaps that let air in and out of your home. The result? A house that effectively leaks heat. So, you have your heating on for longer than usual, or at a higher temperature. 


The good news is that this is something you can fix. Look at the state of your windows and stand by them. Do you feel a slight breeze or coldness? If so, then look for a window sash replacement service that can solve this problem. With modern windows, you will conserve heat and create a greener home. 


Man replacing window


No Dishwasher


This sounds like it goes against everything you know about green living. A dishwasher is a large appliance that uses both water and energy. Surely it’s better to not have one and to wash things by hand is what you are thinking right? 


You’d think so, but it isn’t. You see, dishwashers are now more eco-friendly than handwashing. Think about it. After every meal, you will turn the tap on and use hot water to clean your dishes. With a dishwasher, you just wipe the plates and load them up. You probably only turn it on once every two or three days unless you have a large family. Plus, they have settings that let you use as little energy as possible and minimize water use at the same time. So, your home is actually more eco-friendly when you use a dishwasher instead of washing by hand. 




Final Words on Going Greener In Your Home

Living a green lifestyle helps reduce your carbon footprint. However, I think you will be surprised by the three things you can do right now and going even greener in the process.

If you want to go green, but feel as though something keeps holding you back, then it’s probably one of these three issues. Fix them, then say hello to a more eco-conscious home. 




  1. Maybe we all can start going green from the smallest things and the most affordable ones. Going green takes effort and most of the time is expensive. Thanks for the tips, Annie!

    1. Author

      It can be expensive! But the investment is so worth it for the ability to have a better lifestyle! Thanks for stopping by!

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