Going Green: How to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Protecting the environment has become more important than ever due to increasingly serious environmental concerns. Faced with global warming, reduced natural resources, and increased energy costs, both homeowners and business owners are implementing eco-friendly solutions, in addition to adopting green habits. Introducing these changes into your own life and home will not only help you increase your savings and protect the environment, but also create a healthier and safer home for your family. What’s more, these changes can be quite simple and affordable. Let’s look at some ways to make your home more sustainable by going green.



Going Green: How to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Faced with global warming, reduced natural resources, and increased energy costs, both homeowners and business owners are implementing eco-friendly solutions, in addition to adopting green habits.


Get your family involved


Your efforts to going green will be undermined if your other family members don’t strive to do the same. It’s important that you get everyone involved. Encourage them to participate in making your home greener. In addition, make sure to teach your children about nature and the importance of protecting it. This will help them adopt green habits from an early age.



Embrace S/L/O eating habits


Switching to seasonal, local and organic food is a great way to both protect the environment and improve your family’s health. S/L/O food is healthier and tastier since its grown in an eco-friendly manner. It’s also locally grown, which means that you’ll contribute to the development of your local businesses and the reduction of fuel use and gas emission. This is a great way to get the whole family going green.


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Recycle and reuse


Instead of buying a new item for each old one that becomes worn out or broken, you should see whether you can give it a new purpose. Recycling and reusing materials and old items will help reduce waste and the use of new materials. If you do need to buy a new piece, consider going with pre-owned elements and salvaged materials. This is an easy way to improve the sustainability of your home while going green.


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Reduce your energy consumption


A great number of homeowners are not even aware of how much energy they use on a daily basis. This affects both the environment and their savings. You should perform an energy audit and see how much energy you’re using and possibly wasting. Afterward, try to implement solutions that will help you reduce your energy consumption. For instance, turning off the lights and unplugging appliances when you don’t need them is a simple habit that you can adopt. Installing LED lights is a budget-friendly green upgrade that will help you save electricity. Over the years, you can also switch to Energy Star appliances or even to solar energy. Remember that you don’t have to implement all the changes at once. Going green can happen one step at a time.



Choose the right energy provider


Evaluating your energy provider and its offers on a regular basis can help you reduce your electricity costs. It’s a great way of going green also. You can find a better deal. So make sure to take different factors into consideration, including the price, customer service, whether they are an eco-conscious company, etc. Once you pick a provider that meets your needs, you should have a licensed company help you connect electricity efficiently and in a timely manner. This way, even if you do have to switch providers, professionals will facilitate the entire process.


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Install a smart thermostat


A smart thermostat is a useful feature that will help you ensure a more comfortable living environment while also lowering your energy use. This device will control your indoor temperature depending on your everyday habits and preferences. You’ll be able to automate the use of the HVAC system and maintain a more stable indoor temperature. Consequently, you’ll reduce your heating costs and the carbon footprint of your home all which are ways of going green.



Go with green cleaning products

Instead of using regular cleaning products that contain high levels of toxic chemicals, you should switch to a green alternative. Aside from buying green products, you can also use simple ingredients to make your own cleaning solutions. Cleaning your home while going green will help you create a truly healthy and safe atmosphere for your family.  


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Although changing established habits isn’t easy, everyone can adopt a greener lifestyle with little effort and contribute to the environment preservation. Tell us how you are going green today!


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