Going Green in Your Bedroom: Sustainable Decor Tips & Tricks

Have you considered going green in your bedroom? When it comes the time to decorate a home, people generally tend to focus on high traffic areas – the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom – first.

By the time they reach their bedroom, the majority of creative juices is gone. More often than not, the bedroom ends up being just a room people use for resting and hiding away all the clutter when they’re having guests.

However, even though it is true that your bedroom is not such a high traffic area of your home – hopefully – and not many people will get to see it, you should still try your best to make it into a beautiful, comfortable environment.

Since this is the room that is primarily used for resting, you need to come up with the design that will fully enable it. Going sustainable and going green in your bedroom is arguably one of the best ways to do so.

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Choose a Color Palette That Will Help You Relax

No matter if you turn to your friends or the internet for some advice on how to choose colors for your bedroom, chances are you will have the same tips. Going green in your bedroom means choosing colors that are light and airy and make sure you do not go overboard.

There are many trends you can follow when choosing colors. However, the reality is that you should choose the colors that help you relax and unwind. If those hues happen to be red and orange – so be it. The most important thing is that you feel entirely comfortable in your bedroom. Also, make sure that the paints you choose to go with are led and VOCs free so that you create an environment that’s both stunning and healthy.

Another important thing is to try and gain full control over the amount of illumination you wish to have in your bedroom at any given moment. When it comes to lighting solutions you should a) layer them and b) choose to equip them with energy-efficient light bulbs.

On the other hand, going green in your bedroom means you also want to be able to control the amount of natural light that penetrates the room. While it is important that you have enough natural light in your bedroom throughout the day, you still want to be able to make it completely dark if you wish to rest during the day. That’s why you should install good blinds or add opaque drapes that will enable you to block off any sunlight when necessary.

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Add a Rug for Comfort

Materials can add a great value to any room, especially if you opt for natural and soothing options. If you want to add comfort to your bedroom and still follow the sustainable way of decorating, adding a nice rug made from natural materials is the way to go.

If you want to elevate the interior of your bedroom, add a Miss Amara HK rug that will fit into any interior style you have going on. Many rugs will help you with creating a relaxing space in your bedroom but keep the aesthetics on the highest level.

bedroom carpet

Pay the Majority of Attention to the Bed

One tip for going green in your bedroom is to make the bed your focal point. The bed is the most important part of any bedroom. Not only do you want to make sure that your mattress is as comfortable as possible but you should also choose a sturdy bed frame that will be able to support you for many years to come.

For an additional dose of practicality, you should even consider investing in a high-quality wooden bed with drawers. These will offer you the necessary comfort while also serving as additional storage. And since they are made of such a beautiful natural material, you can rest assured that your bedroom won’t be lacking in the aesthetic department either.


Add Greenery

Finally, plants are always welcome in interior design, especially if we’re talking about an eco-friendly and sustainable one. It has been proven time and time again that houseplants, aside from having undisputable positive effects on our health, can have a significantly positive effect on our mental well-being. It should go without saying that adding greenery is a perfect way for going green in your bedroom.

This will be a great feature if you ever decide to put your house on the market because this is a feature many millennials want. Simply put, you are far more likely to feel relaxed and at peace in a room that has some greenery than in the one that doesn’t. So, get your hands on some houseplants for the bedroom and enjoy all the benefits you are sure to get.

plants in the bedroom

Make Sure There’s No Clutter

Going green in your bedroom means a healthy bedroom. A healthy bedroom is a clutter-free one. While you may easily be tempted to use your bedroom as storage space – as we mentioned before, the fact is that clutter is proven to have pretty negative effects on our overall mental well-being.

Not only will a cluttered space make you feel more agitated and stressed out, but it can actually have negative effects on your physical health. Clutter tends to harbor a lot of dust and grime, which can contribute to developing respiratory allergies. That’s why you should ensure that your bedroom is clutter-free.

Take these simple tips and suggestions for going green in your bedroom to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Final Thoughts on Going Green in Your Bedroom

If you feel as if you are not going green in your bedroom, and it is lacking in either the aesthetic appeal or providing the necessary peace and quiet, consider implementing some of these solutions. Keep in mind that you should also choose sustainability and eco-friendliness whenever possible, to ensure that you are reducing your own carbon footprint. 

Do you have tips and suggestions you can share on going green in your bedroom for others? Add them to the comment box below.

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