Kitchen Design: The Best Uses of Glass-Front Cabinets

Adding glass-front cabinets to a kitchen brightens things up and adds charm and variety to custom cabinetry. But, designing a kitchen with glass-front cabinets can be difficult. Keep reading for some ideas on how to best use them in a kitchen.

Pick a Color Palette

One benefit of glass-front cabinets is that they give the chance to add design features and color to a kitchen, and they can be changed frequently. However, Kitchen Designers will encourage homeowners to be careful how many colors they add to cabinets, as too many colors can create a messy look. It is best to choose one color palette and stick with it. In the spring and summer months, a balance of white and pastels would look nice. As the weather turns colder, consider changing the pastels for copper, wood, or darker-colored dishes. 

Color pallet

Keep It Balanced

Having the right size and balance of items in your cabinets makes an impact on the overall appearance. Too many large items on one side or too many small items clumped together can look messy. Try using a combination of larger items mixed with clusters of small items and cookbooks. Stacks of plates can look great side by side, and a canister on top of a few cookbooks adds height and dimension. If placing oversized objects, such as a soup tureen, on one side of a cabinet, consider putting another large item, such as a pitcher, on the other side. 

Function is Key

Although you want it to look beautiful, a kitchen still needs to be functional. Kitchen design experts recommend keeping items that are used most often on the lower shelves and items that are not used daily up high. That arrangement also makes emptying the dishwasher easier. 

Consider Glass Shelving

If there is lighting in the cabinets, it may be wise to choose glass shelving. This allows the light to travel from the top of the cabinets all the way down to the bottom of each one. Having wood shelves that match the cabinet base looks nice, but it will not allow light to shine and reflect the beauty of the glass or the items in the cabinets. 

Glass shelving

Dishes That Look Nice

Some dishes that look nice in glass-front cabinets include plates, bowls, and large jugs. Consider having an entire shelf for mugs and another shelf for glasses. Keeping like items together gives a sense of coherence and neatness, which is always lovely in a kitchen. 

Get Creative

Although dishes are beautiful in glass-front cabinets, get creative with other items that will look pretty through the glass. One idea is to fill a mason jar with items of one kind, such as cookie cutters. Mason jars or pitchers can also be used to hold utensils that might look messy and appear cluttered otherwise. It also can look nice to add a few decorative items, such as vases and flowers, to cabinets. Just be careful not to include too many, as cabinets are intended to hold dishes, and adding too many other items may start to look out of place. 

Whether remodeling an old space or building a new home, glass-front cabinets can liven up a kitchen. Consider the above tips to help place items, and try different arrangements to find the look you love. 

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