Give the Gift of Self-Care with These 5 Ideas

Shopping for gifts is nothing less than frustrating and overwhelming. The recipient, whoever they may be, already has everything or doesn’t want anything. Not to mention the pressure of giving something original, thoughtful, and affordable. You probably have a headache just reading that last sentence. That’s what this post is for. We’ve come up with five out-of-the-box ideas to give the gift of self-care this season (that people actually want and need)! Sit back with a cup of hot cocoa and check it out:


gift of self care


Give the Gift of Self-Care with These 5 Ideas



The gift of quality time: Date Night in a Box


This first one is for all you lovebirds out there. There is no price tag that can be put on the importance of quality time. Yet, our schedules get filled and date night falls through the cracks.


But what if there were a company that delivered a date right to your door? Good news—there is.


This holiday season, consider giving the gift of self-care with pre-planned dates with Date Night in a Box. With Date Night in a Box, you can buy a date for only $42 and have it shipped right to your door. (FYI: the average date night out costs over $100). You don’t have to do any planning! All you need is to be home with your significant other and have your box on hand. Everything you need for the date is packed inside! You can buy a single date or up to a year-long subscription. Date night for 2019: check!




The gift of sleep: a new mattress


Lack of sleep is an epidemic taking the country by storm. Did you know 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder? Yikes.


Your mattress has a huge impact on the quality of sleep you get each and every night. You might say it’s the performance tool for getting your best sleep. Well, in order to help you get your best sleep possible, your mattress should be changed every seven to ten years. Otherwise, it may be hurting you more than helping you. That’s because our beds lose their structure over time causing our sleep to suffer.


The good news is the mattresses industry has been disrupted by the launch of online companies like Leesa, Nectar, Tuft & Needle, Casper, and many more. You can now get a quality mattress for under $1,000 and the best part is it’s shipped right to your door!


They come compressed and rolled in a box which means you can even wrap it! All you have to do is unbox, unroll, and get a good night’s sleep. In fact, this might just be the best gift of self-care ever. By the way, there are KILLER Black Friday deals going on right now.




The gift of one less thing to do: a meal subscription service


Cooking is a lot of work. As a matter of fact, there are few things most moms or working adults would appreciate more than a break from having to cook dinner every night of the week. At the same time, eating out isn’t typically an economical or healthy alternative. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still gift a convenient, healthy alternative to cooking.


Consider the gift of self-care for your mom, grandma, best friend with little kids, or neighbor a meal subscription service like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. With a subscription like these, you are saving your recipient the most valuable thing of all—time. The best part? You don’t have to compromise on the quality of the meal. Even better, they won’t have to battle the incredibly long lines at the grocery store.




The gift of an experience: an Airbnb weekend getaway

Any material object is replaceable, but memories are not. So why not give the gift of self-care this holiday season with a vacation?


Our culture is obsessed with experiences. And with the invention of companies like Airbnb, weekend getaways are more affordable and accessible than ever before. From mother-daughter trips to romantic getaways with your significant other, Airbnb has locations all over the country (and the world for that matter). Not to mention, the prices outperform most hotels and create a more personal and private experience.


Pick a weekend and place and surprise your loved ones with a trip. Here is a list of some of the top Airbnbs in the U.S. Did you know you can even stay in a treehouse? How cool is that?!


gift of self care


The gift of being still: a relaxation retreat


It’s not uncommon to get swept up in the busyness that comes with the end of the year. Most of us become so busy hosting parties, running errands, and cooking meals, we forget to take care of ourselves.


Have you ever considered gifting your loved ones, or even yourself, a timeout from life’s ceaseless demands? You should. Without proper rest or a chance to unplug, the stress and anxiety will catch up with you. And the consequences aren’t pretty. This holiday season, consider a gift of self-care with a yoga or relaxation retreat to start the New Year off on the right foot—rested and ready to take on the next year.


We’ve come up with five out-of-the-box ideas to give the gift of self-care this season (that people actually want and need)! Sit back with a cup of hot cocoa and check it out_




  1. I love this list and may select some of these ideas for myself. The Date Night in a Box is at the top of the list. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day and forget about the opportunity to spend time with my spouse.

  2. OOooh these ideas are interesting! I’ve actually been toying with the idea of trying one of those meal prep services, but then that would be a gift to me, ha ha! Love the date night in a box. Wonder what comes in it?

    1. Author

      I have been wanting to try the date night in a box thing also! While you are toying with the meal ideas I am toying with the getaway idea for myself (selfish smile)! Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for coming by!

  3. Hi Annie,
    You sure are right about the lack of sleep in Americans – most of us don’t get enough sleep and good mattress is a must. Taking care of yourself is so important – if we don’t then we can’t take care of our families. The relaxation retreat sounds wonderful and what a great gift it would be for a special friend or family member. Sharing on social media. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day while your taking care of yourself.

    1. Author

      I agree, Marla! There is nothing worse than having a crappy mattress! Taking care of ourselves is very important because if we aren’t healthy we can’t keep anyone else going! have a wonderful Christmas and thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Thank you for these wonderful ideas, Annie! What better gift to someone you love, than to remind them to take care of themselves? Great post!

    1. Author

      Thanks so much Shawna! Sometimes we forget to keep caring about ourselves throughout the holidays! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! Have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Author

      I wish though there were some places that offered them where I live because I would go myself!

  5. Self care is very important for everyone and it seems to be something we don’t do enough. Lack of sleep is always a problem. I would take any of these.

    1. Author

      I agree! We are all so rushed to do so much we tend to forget about ourselves!

  6. I agree, its so very important to remember that we must give ourself’s the time for self-care. I really liked the information about replacing your bed after so many years, I have seen and heard about the beds that come compressed and rolled up. I have heard good things about them

    I do agree that get away for even a night and relaxing out of the house, away from the phone and computer.. taking that time to connect with your loved ones can happen with that gift of space.

    1. Author

      Self-care is so important! Especially during the holidays! I am in the market for a new mattress myself, so I understand how a crappy mattress can cause restless nights and sleepy days! Thanks for stopping by and have a great Christmas!

  7. Great ideas and a new mattress in on out To Buy list already! I would however add that Airbnb isn’t the only place you can look for a weekend getaway: the business takes a large chunk of commission from the host and charges the guests a service (booking) fee so less money reaches the person actually hosting. Many hosts also have their own websites where you can book direct (my holiday cottage in France does!) and by booking direct you are helping small local businesses and the local economy to thrive :)

    1. Author

      Thanks for sharing that information Rosie! I didn’t know that. Maybe you can share your link in case someone may be interested in renting your cottage!

  8. Super great ideas! I shared them everywhere! So great when someone seems to have everything already! . . . Both my married daughters spent the night in a treehouse for their honeymoon :) super fun!

    1. Author

      So glad you enjoyed the information! Staying in a treehouse sounds like so much fun! I have always wanted to build a house in the trees! Have a Merry Christmas!

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