Moving Into A New Home: Getting Your Decor Right

Moving into a new home can be pretty exciting! Whether it’s your first rented apartment or one you bought, you want to ensure the interior decor is beautiful, relaxing, and worthy of compliments. But to ensure you’re getting your decor right for a new house, here are tips to follow.

Kitchen decor

Understand your budget

Amid the excitement, it’s tempting to rush off to buy whatever comes to mind or whatever you see on Pinterest. To avoid buying what you’ll later not need, compile a checklist of to-dos and must-haves that fits into your budget.

Home interior design can be expensive, so it’s often wise to do it little by little, starting with one room, rather than doing it all at once.

Figure out your decor style

This is virtually the most crucial step in your interior design journey. Figuring out your decor style will make choosing colors, furniture, lighting, and accessories easier.

That’s because every decor style has what complements them. So, determine whether you’re using farmhouse, transitional, modern, contemporary, or other styles.

Tools for choosing the right decor

Getting your furniture right

Now, furniture is a vital piece of your decor. The furniture you buy must work with the decor style you’re trying to create. For example, you want to choose rustic bedroom furniture if you’re leaning towards a natural, welcoming, and farmhouse appeal. It never goes out of style.

However, each room’s style can be different. For example, while your bedroom furniture can be rustic, your living room design may be modern or contemporary. The variety will create interest, so determine your style for each room before purchasing furniture for it.

Choose your colors

Before rushing off to the paint store, consider your plans for each room. For example, what color should be in your bedroom, kitchen, and living room?

Notably, these colors should work together with the furniture you want for that particular room. Colors should go with the decor theme. For example, if you are wanting to add statement pieces such as the metal prints from and similar websites, perhaps a plain wall would be suitable. Decide if you’d be using accent walls and where furniture pieces would be placed.

Accent wall

Using Lights

No matter how beautiful your design is, the optimal grandeur will not shine forth if the lights aren’t in the correct spots. It’s like having a rose in a dark room: you won’t see it.

Lights should be placed where they’ll illuminate each part of the room, especially focal points. You don’t want your vases and wall paintings to be out of focus. Go for accent lights that would work well with your decor style.

Consider beauty and functionality

Beauty should not be compromised for functionality and vice versa. Do not focus on one aspect alone because you need both when getting your decor right.

If the space is small, consider going for multi-functional pieces as these can save space, perform multiple functions, and look good at the same time.

Small living room

Don’t forget storage space

It’s easy to neglect storage amid all the fuss, but good thing you’re here.

Ensure you plan the storage for each room. For instance, you could use a storage bed in your bedroom to avoid overfilling your wardrobe sometimes. Your cabinets and cupboards should also be designed with optimal space in mind rather than aesthetics alone.

Final thoughts on getting your decor right

We hope that these simple guidelines have helped put you on the right track to getting your decor right in your new home.

Remember that although DIY interior design can be fun and cost-effective, having professional hands can help bring out the best in your space.

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