What You Should Know About Getting A Pet

Getting a pet is something that most people do consider at one point in their lives. Especially when they start to have a family and move to a house where a pet would have more space. Also, let’s be honest: they’re very cute. Most people do love animals. It can definitely seem like a great idea. But many people fail to remember when focused on the fun aspects of having a pet that it’s a big responsibility. And it’s something that should be considered carefully from all angles. The amount of animals in shelters or on the streets each year is completely heartbreaking. But it is also avoidable if only people would approach the decision from a practical point of view and not something that seems like a cute idea, or even worse as some kind of status or fashion accessory.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some things to consider before making the decision of getting a pet. This is so you can see if it’s something you’re truly ready for or if it’s something that you know wouldn’t work in the long term. It wouldn’t actually be fair to an animal since you’d inevitably have to give it up.

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What You Should Know About Getting A Pet

If you have the time:

Although in theory, it seems like a wonderful idea of getting a pet, they require a lot of care and attention. You need to make sure you have the time to actually care for your pet. This probably isn’t going to be the case if you work long hours or are always out and don’t have time to walk a dog or feed other pets.

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If your lifestyle allows:

Again, as with time, your lifestyle simply may not allow for getting a pet. Even as much as you love animals, really want a pet, or are being nagged by your kids to get one, in this case, you just have to be honest and do what’s right by the animal. Having an owner who travels all the time or just isn’t there to take care of it properly really isn’t fair to an animal since they need routine and consistency. So if this is the case and you need to be away a lot, then getting a pet probably isn’t the right option for you at this time.

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If you can afford it:

Pets can be expensive. Although you can certainly pick up good deals on things like food and even toys online, in-store, and from companies like www.winewhiskers.com, the costs can still mount up for things like vet bills and insurance. This is especially true if you have older pets or more than one. So considering if you can actually afford it before getting a pet is definitely a good idea.

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If you can commit to training it:

Puppies and kittens are totally adorable, no doubt about it. However, just like babies, they have to be taught everything. This is a big commitment. You’ll spend a lot of time with a small pet teaching them how to behave, how to use the bathroom, and a variety of other things that may not come instinctively to them. So as much as they’re cute, younger animals can definitely be a lot of work at the beginning. You need to make sure you are willing and able to commit to this and that you can actually train them. Of course, you can always go for an older animal. This is a good option if you can and want to have a pet, but don’t want to spend time training a younger one.

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If you have space:

Animals like dogs and cats certainly don’t need endless amounts of space. But it is an important consideration when getting a pet. Especially not cats since they’re going to wander anyway. But dogs are very energetic animals for the most part and definitely need a decent amount of space to run around in. If you live in a tiny one or two-room apartment, then bringing a larger dog in where they have no space to run around and little green space outside really isn’t very fair to them. That’s certainly not to say you can’t have a dog if you live in an apartment in the city. It always depends on your lifestyle and schedule. It’s certainly worth considering how much space you really have available for a dog and what size of dog you could realistically get. Also with cats, it may not be the best idea since they’re independent and like to come and go as they please. Living in an apartment with a cat, unless they’re a house cat isn’t really the most practical.

So before you consider getting a pet make sure to take the preceding tips and considerations in mind. Being in the right situation and having the right circumstances can lead to a happier future for both you and your pet.

Getting a pet comes with responsibility and commitment. Do you have what it takes?


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and this is a helpful post. My kids have been begging us to get a dog and while I have considered I wasn’t sure if I had made note of how it would really affect our family life. I think my biggest concern is having young children around a bigger dog and pet accidents on carpet. Maybe looking into getting an older dog might be a smarter decision. Definitely good things to think about. Thank you!!

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