Getting a New Dog: How To Get Ready For Its Arrival

Getting a new dog as a pet for your home and family can be exciting, yet it does require a little organization, (particularly if it is your first dog). To help you get yourself prepared, try using these simple ideas to make the transition smoother for all.

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1. Get Your Home Ready

It is important to prepare your house before getting a new dog and bringing a dog into your home. You should put childproof locks or latches on any cupboards containing dangerous or toxic items. It is also wise to keep any medications, chemicals, or toxic products in a higher cupboard. Cover up your trash can and keep children’s toys out of reach. Doggies like to chew on pretty much everything, and so many of your household items are a potential choking hazard!

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2. There Is An App For That

For some extra tips and support looking after your new dog, you might like to try the following apps for dogs:

  • iKibble: Some pet owners like to give their dogs leftovers (as a treat)! The issue is, many of the foods we eat are unsuitable or even toxic for dogs. Using this app, you can check the foods that are safe for doggies. When you are shopping for the best dog food, it is well worth getting some hemp treats. These are a great way to soothe upset stomachs and to help your pooch to feel calm and comfortable.
  • Puppr: Using the Puppr app you can access video lessons that can help you to train your dog. There, you can also chat with doggie experts to get some great training advice.

3 . Choose A Pet Insurance Package

It is a good idea to choose a pet insurance package before getting a new dog and bringing your new pet home. Your pet insurance coverage will likely include vet bills (in the unfortunate event that your dog gets injured or sick). The insurance will also provide cover for treatment for behavioral issues (if appropriate) or the loss of theft of your dog.

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4. Purchase Dog Toys 

Toys are not just luxury items for your new dog, they are important to maintain a dog’s wellbeing. Toys can help to improve a dog’s exercise regime, eliminate behavioral issues, prevent boredom, and provide comfort. You will need to closely consider safety when you are choosing toys for your dog. The safety of a dog toy will be dependent on your dog’s habits and size.

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5. Put Together A Grooming Kit 

Lastly, it’s a good idea when getting a new dog to prep your new pet with a grooming kit. The kit should include items such as a dog’s toothbrush and toothbrush, nail clippers, a brush and a comb. You should also buy ear cleansing products and dog shampoo. It is an option to groom your dog at home, or you can take your pooch to a dog grooming service.

 Getting a new dog? Read these tips and tricks to be better prepared before it arrives at your home.

Final Thoughts on Getting A New Dog

Preparing for getting a new dog is a fun-filled time, if you have children they will likely be very excited! It is a good idea to give them a talk about how they should treat the dog, what it can and cannot eat, and how to support you to look after the dog.

Before you bring home a new dog learn as much as you can about keeping your new pet healthy. Read up on everything from common dog health issues, to the best type of dog bed. Are you thinking about getting a new dog? Did the tips in this post help? Let me know in the comment below below and share some tips of your own as well.

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