Getting A New Dog: 7 Tips

Getting a new dog as a pet for your home and family can be exciting, yet it does require a little organization, (particularly if it is your first dog). From puppy-proofing the house to stocking up on supplies like food and water bowls and your Badlands Ranch dog food to ensure they are well-fed and cared for and settle in at home quickly on arrival. To help you get yourself prepared, try using these simple ideas to make the transition smoother for all.

While getting a new dog and bringing it into your home is an exciting time, it’s also a lot of work. Some tips will help you succeed and ensure a positive outcome for your new pet and family members. Learn more about the essential steps you must follow so you can get off on the right foot or paw.

New puppy

Invest in the Right Supplies

One tip for getting a new dog for your home is to invest in the right supplies. For instance, you’ll need to have a bed, toys, a leash, and food and water dishes, to name a few.

You should also begin researching healthy dog food and know what you’re going to feed your pet from the start. Having the right supplies handy and ready to go will help you have a smooth transition bringing your new pet into your home. In your research, you should consider the breed, and weight of your dog, and determine what kind of diet is best suitable for them. There’s plenty of types of dog food available on the market, from dry kibble, to wet pouches and even freeze-dried raw foods such as Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend which is great for nutrient retention and improved digestion.

Dog supplies

Introduce Your Home

Another step and tip to consider when getting a dog are to introduce your home when you arrive. It’s going to feel a bit anxious when being transported from one place to the next.

Take a tour of all your space and let him know where they can roam and which area is theirs and what areas to keep off or away from. Walk them around your yard as well and make sure they understand their boundaries.

Let your dog smell and walk around and get a better feel for your home to help it feel more comfortable and at ease.

Dog in a window

Go for A Walk

It may help to alleviate any stress or tension you or your new dog is feeling by going for a walk. Dogs love walking and getting exercise and will be able to expend any pent-up energy or anxiety this way.

A walk will allow your canine companion to get some exercise and will help it get to know the area and neighborhood better so your pet understands that this is their new home. Make sure you keep your dog on a leash and begin teaching it best practices for walking by your side.

He or she will soon feel calmer and get used to the surrounding smells, sights, and sounds. A walk will not only be good for your pet but will also help you release any tension and make you feel more tranquil.

Taking a dog for a walk

Set up & Designate Their Space

Your dog is going to need its own space in your home to feel comfortable and part of the family. You must set up and designate their space or area where they can roam, sleep, and eat.

After you take your dog on a tour of your home, bring your pet to its feeding area where the water and food bowl are and let them sniff around. You may want to offer your dog a treat at this point to help it feel more relaxed and know that this is where it’ll be spending a lot of its time.

Dog in a house

Train Your Dog

You want your dog to behave and remain safe in and around your home. Therefore, it’s wise that you invest time in training your dog. It may help to take your dog to a class with other dogs so it can socialize and learn from professional trainers.

On the other hand, there are plenty of exercises and commands that you can practice at home with your dog in the meantime. While training your dog can be cumbersome and time-consuming, you’ll be glad you did it down the road.

Especially when your dog is well-behaved, walks nicely, and listens to you right away each time you give it commands.

Training a dog

Remain Calm

It’s essential that when getting a new dog for your home that you remain calm. Your new pet will take cues from you and go off of your energy. Everyone in your household should be composed and relaxed when picking up and petting your dog.

Especially for the first time. You must stay calm from the time you remove your dog from its old home to when you’re working on getting it acquainted and familiar with your space. Your dog will have less anxiety this way. It will likely have fewer accidents as you begin training it to go to the bathroom outside.

Choosing a dog

Be Present & Around

Another tip for getting a new dog for your home is that you’re present and around most of the time. Especially in the beginning stages of the transition. You don’t want to bring a new pet into your home and then be busy working and spending time away from your home.

Your dog needs you right now. He is depending on you to make it feel comfortable and welcomed into your space. Stick around and give your canine companion the proper attention it needs to feel safe and secure.

Take your dog for walks, feed it at the same time each day, and get into a routine with your new pet. Make sure you give it plenty of exercise and playtime.

Cuddle and pet your dog to show it affection. All of these actions will help ensure a smooth transition. Make sure that your new friend feels happy and relaxed in its new environment.

Getting a new dog is a big responsibility and undertaking. Your new dog is relying on you to provide it with a comfortable and rewarding home to live in.

Final Thoughts on Getting a New Dog

These tips will make certain that you have a good experience and outcome in getting a new dog for your home. It may be challenging initially for everyone in the household. But it’ll also be a fun and exciting time for you all.

Make sure that you not only follow these steps but that you discuss what to do with any other members of your household. This way you’re all working together to help your dog feel at home.

It’s all about establishing boundaries and implementing training techniques right from the start so that your dog understands household and behavior expectations. Enjoy the journey and the fact that you now have a new pet to play with and love.

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