How To Get Rid Of Mice

Are you trying to get rid of mice in your home?

They might look adorable in movies and cartoons, but mice are not the creatures you want to have in your home or around your yard. There’s nothing more annoying than the sound of scratching and crawling through the walls of your house when you’re just trying to enjoy your evening meal.

Mice are troublesome rodents and they will chew on everything – and we mean everything – and they can ruin your home with urine and feces. These contain harmful bacteria and there’s nothing nice about the smell!

You can call-in pest control to help you with your mouse issue. But there are some things that you could be doing to ensure that you get rid of these mice once and for all. In this post, we have got some tips and pointers to help you to truly get rid of your mouse problem.

Mice in house

Seal all the entry points.

Take a clipboard and a pen and go through your home. Write down all the potential entry points that might go through.

This includes tiny gaps under the doors, any holes in the walls, any areas where pipework is exposed in your home such as ventilation options. Even look at the ceiling fans and around ducted air or heating. All of these places can allow mice in. 

Mice hole in wall

Use humane traps.

Pest control experts may do this for you, but there are humane trap options that don’t involve poison. Once your house is mouse proof, you need to deal with those who are already in the house.

Setting traps doesn’t have to be cartoonish – with a lump of cheese at the end. But you can use no kill and spring-loaded traps if you want to. You can position them in places they frequent. Look at areas where you may have seen mice or mouse droppings and placed them there.

Humane mouse trap

Lure them with bait.

You can lure mice with bait. It’s a popular method for extermination. If you put something that attracts rodents in an area where they go regularly, they can be trapped or poisoned to kill and get rid of them.

Mice love high calorie foods, which include things like chocolate or peanut butter. In the winter months, mice create their nests using various materials, so if you find any of those materials in your home, use bait in the area.

Mouse trap with cheese

Get a cat.

Tom and Jerry wasn’t just for cartoon purposes, you know! Getting a cat may feel like an inconvenience. But cats are the only option when it comes to actively getting rid of mice.

You can buy cat litter and smear on the areas where mice are seen frequently. Cat litter is a deterrent because it tricks mice into thinking a cat is around, so if you can’t get one this is a good option.

Once mice are in your house it can be very difficult to get rid of them once and for all. Knowing the best pest control services can help.

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