7 Ways to Get Car Keys Out of a Locked Vehicle Safely

If you own a car, you’ve probably lost your keys or mistakenly locked them inside your vehicle at least once. Getting locked out of your car may happen anytime, whether on a road trip or returning from the grocery store. You must learn to get car keys out of a locked vehicle in case the situation arises

Being locked out of your automobile may be both embarrassing and worrisome. It surely won’t help if you don’t have the spare keys to access your automobile at the time. “I locked my keys in my car,” you may be thinking. Who should I contact? ” Don’t be concerned. You don’t have to go through it by yourself. Calling an automotive locksmith melbourne (or one based elsewhere more relevant) can help you to get your car opened, you can also explore options with a locksmith on how to prevent the issue happening in the future.

Newer automobile models make it more challenging to open the car without the key as part of their enhanced car security measures. However, if you possess an earlier model, there are simple procedures to unlock your car door when you are locked out.

Woman looking at car keys locked in the car

 How to Get Your Car Keys Out of a Locked Car 

When locked out of your automobile, breaking your windows is tempting. However, it is not the only choice or a final resort. It’s inconvenient to leave your keys locked inside your car, but you’ll be astonished at how simple it is to access your vehicle without the keys. So, how can you get the keys out of a locked car? Here are several solutions offered by Alexius Denver’s Locksmith utilizing everyday home objects that you may use if you are locked out of your automobile.

 1. Shoestring 

When locked out of your automobile, your sneakers can help you solve the situation. Who would have guessed it?

Make a little loop in the middle of your shoestring and hook it to the car’s locking mechanism. Once you’ve successfully attached it, tighten the noose and begin tugging. This approach may involve some expertise and time, but your shoelaces are a readily available that can come in helpful when you’re locked out.


 2. Tennis Ball 

This approach is a little more involved than the shoestring method. Make a tiny hole in the center of the tennis ball and insert it into your car’s keyhole. Push the tennis ball tightly enough to allow air to escape. The tennis ball’s air and pressure will push the locking mechanism of the automobile door open, allowing you to recover the locked keys in the car.

A word of caution: This procedure has a 50/50 probability of working. Many have attempted this strategy, and the results are typically inconsistent. However, it may work on certain types of automobiles, especially the older ones. It’s worth a shot, but not if you’re in a rush and annoyed by being locked out.

 3. Clothes Hanger 

Like the shoestring move, the clothes hanger acts as an instrument to pull the locking mechanism up, unlock the door, and get the locked keys out of the automobile. Untwist the coat hanger and shape the hook piece to allow it to enter the car via the closed windows.

After successfully slipping the coat hanger’s hook through the closed window, use it to pull the locking mechanism to unlock the door.

Man using a coat hanger to unlock a car

 4. Spatula 

If you have a spatula with you, it can come in help while trying to open a locked car door. Because the spatula has a flat head, you may gently use it to pry open the closed door. Push the spatula head through the small aperture and pull the locking mechanism to maximize its thinness.

 5. Screwdriver and Rod 

How can you use a rod and a screwdriver to get your keys out of a locked car? Use the screwdriver to pry open the closed door slightly, then navigate around and pull the locking mechanism available with the help of the rod. This method works on older vehicles. You may use whatever rod you come across; the longer, the better.

Using a screwdriver to open a door

 6. Plastic  Strip

A plastic strip, like the shoestring and coat hanger approaches, is a creative way to get locked keys out of an automobile. Form a U with the extended plastic strip, slip it through the door jamb, and raise the lock. It appears to be relatively simple. However, this method only works with pull-up locks.

Plastic strip in window

 7. Smartphone 

With the introduction of smartphones and smartphone applications, automotive security has become increasingly reliant on phones, including how to get your keys out of a locked car. Most contemporary automobiles contain cell phones that allow owners to check the safety of their vehicles closely.

In keeping with this, these smartphone apps are designed for emergencies, such as locked keys in a car. Newer automobile models may quickly handle this problem with a simple tap, saving time in unlocking the car door to obtain the keys locked inside.

Using a phone to unlock the car

Who to Call If You Get Locked Out of Your Car 

If you don’t have any materials listed above to help you open your locked automobile, phoning for assistance is always a good idea.

You can contact a family member or a friend to bring you the extra key or call 911 in the worst-case situation. The operator will ask a few questions about your location and vehicle model before dispatching assistance.

Key Takeaway

Drivers who frequently lock their keys in their cars should take some safeguards to save time, money, and frustration in the future. Getting your keys out of a locked vehicle is achievable with patience, practice, and even more patience. Simply follow these guidelines!

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