The Major Aspects Of Georgian Furniture

Have you considered Georgian furniture for your home?

The Georgian period is said by many to be the golden age of fine antique furniture, which spanned three English Kings: George I, II and III. This period was one of constant war, yet even so, the style and design of furniture was indeed lavish. This was a time when mahogany replaced walnut and furniture proportions were good, with a refinement of scale. Oak was commonly used by furniture makers of this time, with fine carvings on elaborate pieces.

Much like the Georgian people themselves, Georgian furniture exhibited a certain level of refinement and sophistication. The use of clean lines and classic proportions was a hallmark of Georgian design, as was the use of quality materials. Georgian furniture also tended to be quite ornate, with detailed carving and inlay work often used to adorn tables, chairs, and cabinets. 

While the style of Georgian furniture varied depending on the region where it was made, the overall look was one of elegance and refinement. Today, Georgian furniture remains popular among collectors and interior designers alike, thanks to its timeless appeal.

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Early Georgian Furniture

Elaborate carvings on sideboards, chests of drawers, console tables, drinks cabinets and bookcases were seen during the early Georgian period. Moving into the mid-Georgian period, designs were more neo-classical.

The early Georgian pieces were heavily influenced by the opulent style of Italian furniture of the time. The pieces were incredibly expensive and only the aristocrats could afford such luxury. If you are looking for old furniture for sale from the Georgian period, contact a leading antique dealer. There you can view authentic pieces at affordable prices.

The Georgian period was a time of great change in architecture and design. The early Georgian period (1714-1760) was marked by more formal designs. The early years of the era were marked by more formal designs, characterised by symmetry and decoration.

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The Late Georgian Period

The Late Georgian period is often considered to be a Golden Age in British history. It was a time of economic prosperity and increasing social mobility, as well as a period of great intellectual achievement.

Many of the most famous British writers and thinkers lived during this time, including Jane Austen, William Wordsworth, and Samuel Johnson. The late 18th century also saw the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. This would transform Britain from an agrarian society into a global superpower.

In short, the Late Georgian period was a time of great change and progress, laying the foundations for the modern world.

The period was also known for names like Chippendale and Hepplewhite who created stunning pieces that are very much sought-after today. Ball or claw feet were popular, with fine, flowing lines. While brass furnishings were also popular in the reigns of George III and IV.

If you are on the hunt for a specific piece of late Georgian furniture, search online for an established antique dealer. Use their search function. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, the dealer would have a nationwide network. They can therefore source most items.

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The Lion’s Head

This rose to popularity in the mid-Georgian period. The lion was seen as a symbol of the king. And all fine cabinets would incorporate lion heads, finely carved from oak. Other carvings included shells, flowers and even birds.

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Chaise Lounges

Along with lounge chairs and sofas, the chaise lounge came in very elegant designs, with scroll arms and lion heads and ball, or claw feet. Some would say these designs were a little ‘over the top’. Yet that was the thing of the time, with the gentry commissioning detailed pieces, as they had so much money, it had to be spent on something.

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Maker’s Marks

As you would expect, fine furniture makers of the Georgian period usually left their mark somewhere. A very thorough inspection might be called for. And if you would like any piece appraised, talk to your local antique dealer. They can probably locate a mark or two. Early Georgian furniture is very rare and prices are high. However, many experts will tell you the late Georgian period produced the finest furniture.

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