5 Genius Home Improvement Ideas That Attract Millennial Buyers

Many homeowners who bought their first home have the intention of living there for years. It is with this thinking that they embarked on several home improvements to achieve the look, feel, and needs they want.

As some would refurbish their living room with brick walls, others would install a walk-in closet adjacent to their bedroom. Many would also change the previously established lights into LED lighting and even repaint the walls to suit the style they want.

Likewise, the high-maintenance carpeting is replaced with the more classic timber flooring. Others would also opt to change the old kitchen countertop with granite and the cabinets with solid wood.

Remodelling their abode continues as they see improved versions from family vacations and trips. They would want to bring home the technology and innovation that would make their life easy, comfortable, and enjoyable.

After all, they are all living in the millennial world, and almost everything is about technology and innovation.  

Most of the real estate brokers itemize the top home improvement ideas to suit the needs of the millennials. More than their home’s aesthetic appeal, homeowners also aim for its overall function fitted for the generation of today.

After all, an abode is one worthy investment that has high hopes to double or even triple the value given all the home improvements done. If they are not to offer it in the market, it is also an excellent inheritance to the family’s next kin. 

Here are 5 genius home improvement ideas for you to try.

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Frameless Glass Shower Doors

The bathroom is one area where homeowners are getting bolder with their designs. Millennials love having a full glass shower door installed because it makes their bathrooms look more spacious and open than standard stall doors.

Shower enclosures are available in a wide range of sizes and can accommodate virtually any bathroom size or layout. More homeowners are choosing frameless glass shower doors because they don’t require special cleaning products and maintenance is minimal.

Frameless glass shower doors add a touch of elegance to any bathroom design and create a modern look that’s in keeping with today’s minimalist trends in home decorating. If you are interested in adding frameless glass shower doors in your home, check the latest designs we got at https://gcsglassandmirror.com/custom-frameless-shower-glass-doors/.

Flexible Floor Plan

Even how people work has evolved now. Many are into home-based jobs, taking advantage of technology to work from home.

Given this setup, millennials appreciate it to have an extra room as their office space or at least a more significant area to accommodate their workstation.  

Individuals today are after an open floor plan wherein they can play with their living space to accommodate changes. They can convert that extra space as a walk-in closet or as mentioned, a workstation. 

They can transform the attic into a game room or a library. Gone are the days that they used the attic as a storage place as again, millennials are now seeing rooms to have a definite purpose – as an exercise room, laundry area, or a guest bedroom. 

Flexible floor plan

Modern Kitchen 

A recent survey conducted in a university said that millennials are health conscious. Though they love dining in and easy cooking, they still prefer healthy nourishment.

They detox and hydrate a lot and they eat greens and are into a healthy diet. They prefer to cook their meals in their modern and updated kitchen.   

For the millennials, a modern and updated kitchen has a fresh and well-coordinated appeal. They prefer appliances that convey a clean and contemporary finish such as stainless steel.

Though stainless steel has been around for decades, it still completes the updated look of any kitchen, especially with its new version of black irons. They exude a softer, less reflective finish but the same sturdy material it has been known for.

Though granite and marble countertops still top the list for high-end options, millennials today are seeing the beauty of quartz countertops. Such material resists cuts, heats, scratches, and stains.  

Updated Toilet and Bath

Millennials appreciate staycation because they tend to bring home the lifestyle they had during their short stay at the hotel. And one of the enjoyable hotel features many individuals enjoy is the luxurious bathroom experience.  

Upon returning home, some would check with their contractors if a new bathtub is possible.  Others would window shop for bidets and heated toilet seats. You can find a bidet converter kit easily online these days.

As soon as they have tried them, many fall in love with the comfort and convenience of a bidet, and heated toilet seat gives. Many claim to have felt cleaner without having to use toilet paper to wipe their behind every after toilet use. You should definitely visit this page if you are looking for the best Bidet converter kit online.

They also appreciate the warm toilet seat especially when they are to use the bathroom in the middle of a cold night. 

More than the hygienic and health benefits of such innovation,  they both make the bathroom look sleek and up-to-date.

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Mini Pool

Millennials like to entertain, so a mini pool is just the thing for this group. A small pool or a hot tub can give them the perfect place to host their friends. If you don’t have the space for a full-size swimming pool, a hot tub is an excellent compromise.

It’s also easier to take care of and will be less expensive than a traditional swimming pool. Plus, your home will be more attractive to potential buyers if it has some features millennials find appealing.

A mini pool sounds like it could be a difficult feature to add if you don’t already have one in your yard, but there are actually some compact pools available today that can be added pretty easily. Adding a mini pool is another way you can attract millennial homebuyers because many of them want a place where they can relax with their friends.

Genius Home Improvement Ideas that Attract Millennials

Younger homeowners tend to adapt easier and earlier than their elders. They grow up on computers and smartphones. They are used to sleek features, and almost everything can be controlled at their fingertips.

Home features like the heated toilet seat, for instance, appeal to the millennials. 

If homeowners plan to sell their properties at this time and age, consider refurbishing their homes in the style and needs of the generation today.

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