4 Ways To Make Your Summer Gardens Stunning Social Spaces

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The temperature is rising and many of us are looking forward to spending time in our gardens this summer. With restrictions in place in many areas, our gardens will be more important than ever. If you are looking forward to hosting barbecues or getting together for an alfresco brunch with friends, here are some simple ways you can make your gardens stunning social spaces. 

Making Your Gardens Social Spaces

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Seating and entertaining areas

Do you love to entertain? Are you always the first to extend invitations to friends and family on a sunny day? If so, it is an excellent idea to create an entertaining space with plenty of seating options and a table to host dinner or drinks. You can choose from a raft of options to suit your budget and style including formal dining sets, comfy couches, oversized floor cushions, and bean bags and benches, and picnic tables.

Think about the kinds of gatherings or events you are eager to plan, how much space you have available, and the vibe you want to create before you start browsing. It is an excellent idea to get inspiration from magazines, social media, or places you have visited and to use accessories to inject color or channel a theme. If you have a rattan sofa set, for example, you can use throws and cushions to add colors or prints and lanterns or string lights to finish off the look. 

Adding warmth

At midday on a summer’s day, it might be hot and sunny but after dark, temperatures can plunge dramatically. If you want to spend as much time as possible in the garden this summer and you love the idea of lazy evenings under the stars, you can cater to the conditions using portable patio heaters or create a stunning focal point on your patio or entertaining area with a concrete bowl fire pit.

Fire pits look fabulous and they will also keep you warm if it gets a bit cool once the sun starts to set. You can also add a cozy feel with soft furnishings like blankets and rugs. With the many options available online these days, you are sure to find something that accents your gardens.



Outdoor lighting is an essential addition to versatile, practical gardens and it can also enhance the aesthetic of your yard. With the right lighting, you can add ambiance at the same time as enabling your visitors to enjoy the garden long after the sunlight has faded.

There is a vast array of garden lighting styles on offer and you can choose from a range of products. From string lights and stand-alone lanterns to up-lighters and spotlights for decking and pathways, explore the options and choose lights that complement the look and feel of your garden. 


We all know that the weather can be unpredictable and this is why it is so beneficial to have sheltered spots in your garden. Whether it is blazing hot outside or showers are forecasted, structures like gazebos and awnings enable you to enjoy being outside. You can relax in the shade when it is too hot or take cover if it is breezy or wet. 

The temperature is rising and many of us are looking forward to spending time in our gardens this summer. With restrictions in place in many areas, our gardens will be more important than ever.

Summer is on the horizon and many of us are gearing up for weeks of al fresco get-togethers and long, lazy weekends in the garden. If you are keen to impress friends and family, take these tips on board to make your garden the place to be. 

Add some fabulous lighting, some comfy seating, and even a small firpit. Top it all with a cavas awning or a sail and you are well on your way to make your gardens a summer favorite for friends and family.

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