Landscaped yard

Landscaping your back garden is exciting and creative. But you don’t want to install a new garden and then find out about some excellent landscaping features you could have included but didn’t think of at the time. Below are five features anyone landscaping a garden should consider installing.  Solar Lighting Continue Reading

terrace garden

A roof or terrace garden tends to stem from kitchen gardens with less space, allowing your garden to be outside in the sun and rain to help it grow.  Terrace and balcony gardens have risen in popularity due to increasing costs of food and land.  Almost any building can haveContinue Reading

Arborvitae trees

If you love your outside space but want to add a little all-year-round greenery and increase your privacy, then a thuja evergreen is the plant for you. Growing to a minimum of 12 feet tall, these emerald green arborvitae trees are the perfect hedge or screening plant that will bringContinue Reading


Along with the rest of your home’s living space, the garden is a very important part of the property you own. Having said that, it seems that when people make changes to their homes, the inside of their homes is where they focus most of their attention. If you haveContinue Reading