6 beneficial bugs for your homestead

Most people think negatively when they think about bugs in their yards and gardens, but there are actually some beneficial bugs you may actually want and maybe need in your garden. These beneficial bugs can actually defend your garden from the yucky, creepy, crawly bugs you really don’t want around. YouContinue Reading

compost pile

Many people are using a compost pile these days. The biggest question most people have when they start to compost is “What can I add to my compost pile?” This list shows many items that can be safely composted in your compost bin or pile. Not everything on these lists is for everybody, soContinue Reading

Top 10 Florida Gardening Challenges

There are definitely gardening challenges when you live in Florida!   In the northern climates if you need to know when and where to plant pretty much any seeds or bulbs you simply look it up online or read the back of a seed packet.   Full sun means 6Continue Reading