Almost every homesteader has a garden. Every garden should have compost and mulch. It is so important that you understand the difference between composting and mulching. It is even more important that you understand why you should mulch your garden.   Mulch is possibly one of the most underrated gardenContinue Reading

feature for larger lawns

Larger lawns can look really good but they take a lot of looking after to keep them that way. It means more mowing, more weeding, and more potential labor hours in the yard. For some people that have never had to care for one before that can be a problem,Continue Reading

garden adornments

Not only do our gardens provide us with fruits and vegetables, as well as the perfect place to relax, but also they often create the first impression for the rest of our house. Therefore, it is only natural that you would want to make your garden look as beautiful asContinue Reading

dreamy garden space

Whatever the weather; it’s always an enjoyable experience to get outside, look at nature, and breathe in some fresh air. However, your garden space may have been neglected and seen better days. This means that you’ll be less likely to step outside and relax, especially on colder and rainy days.Continue Reading


A lawn that’s green and lush will create a good impression on your guests and increase the value of your home. Keeping your grass in good condition isn’t easy, however. Here are some tips for looking after your lawn. Learn To Love Your Lawn Laying down a new lawn AutumnContinue Reading

grow apple trees

If you’re mulling over planting fruit trees on your homestead, you may want to grow apple trees. Apples are a valuable fruit crop produced in 32 USA states, according to the U.S. Apple Association. Fragrant and nutritious apples are a feast for the senses, so let’s talk about how toContinue Reading