Shady garden

On a hot summer’s day, it can be nice to have some shade in your garden to escape to. However, it’s possible for a garden to have too much shade – your garden could end up feeling cold and gloomy, and you may struggle to grow anything.  Fortunately, there areContinue Reading

A summer-ready garden

Summer is the ideal season for enjoying the great outdoors, and a well-designed garden can provide the ideal setting for relaxation and entertainment. A summer-ready garden is an excellent way to grow fresh produce, create a relaxing outdoor space, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature. And it’s never tooContinue Reading

Upgraded landscape with rocks and gravel in beds

When it comes to your home, the exterior is just as important as the interior. A well-maintained landscape sends the message that you take pride in your home and that you care about your appearance. It also enhances curb appeal, which can be very important when it comes time toContinue Reading

Hemp growing

Hemp is synonymous with marijuana, and any time you say the word “hemp,” people immediately think you are pro-pot. But, that is not necessarily a bad thing. But getting directly to the processing of the plant, hemp growing is quite difficult and is often a convoluted process. If you wantContinue Reading

Zero-waste herb garden

With the worsening climate change, people are advised to apply a zero-waste lifestyle to help reduce the strain on the environment. One way to apply a zero-waste lifestyle is by starting a zero-waste garden. Zero-waste garden is an eco-friendly garden that conserves resources and ensures nothing goes to landfills. ItContinue Reading