How to Move From Gardening To Homesteading The Right Way

The idea of being self-sufficient in the modern world is a very appealing one. With the World’s economy in a bad shape, politics in chaos, and environments changing all the time, it makes sense that people want to disconnect themselves from their reliance on others. What is one of the best ways to start working towards a goal like this? It is moving from gardening to homesteading.

Producing as much as you can for yourself can be a challenge. But this post is here to help you out. We will be exploring some of the key elements which will go into this sort of work. All with a focus on the time you spend in your garden.

gardening to homesteading

How to Move From Gardening To Homesteading The Right Way


Land & Space

Unfortunately, trying to run a homestead from a city apartment isn’t going to be an option. Even if you spend a long time working on it. Being independent takes a lot of space. There is room needed to grow, store, and make all of your goods. This means that a regular garden simply isn’t going to be enough. You will need to move from just gardening to homesteading now.

Countryside homes often have far more space available than those in built-up areas. This gives you the chance to live somewhere which will force you to rely on yourself for more, making it an excellent way to push yourself to get started properly on your homestead.

gardening to homesteading

The Tools

Once you have a suitable space for this sort of work, you can start to think about the tools which you’ll be using on it. For the most part, you will be able to get away with fairly small tools. Changing over from gardening to homesteading does mean the tools will change though. Especially from what you may be used to.

You won’t need the same sort of gear as a farm, but it will help to have some power behind you, making it worth looking at the secondhand market for things which you can afford.  Used John Deere tractors can be found surprisingly affordable. Not a lot of people look down this route when they are figuring out which equipment to use, and this means that they will miss out on the wealth of options they have available.

gardening to homesteading: the tools

The Knowledge

Growing plants and making things like clothing and food isn’t something which most people can do straight away. It will take some time to pick up the skills you need to be able to be successful in this. Experience is the very best tool to use when you’re trying to learn.

Of course, though, it helps to have a bit of background knowledge before you get started. There are loads of sites around the web which are dedicated to teaching useful life skills. YouTube, for example, has millions of videos surrounding DIY and homesteading. This makes it a great place to go when you’re looking for support.

Going from gardening to homesteading is a big change. Take a free course to learn how to plan your homestead ahead of time.

gardening to farming

Hopefully, this post will leave you feeling inspired to start working towards your own homestead. Being able to produce your own products is a very satisfying way to live. Those who go down this route often finding it easier to survive a far more simple life than those who are surrounded by the chaos of the modern world. So make the switch from gardening to homesteading today! And start living a simpler life, less dependant on others.



Are you ready to make the change from gardening to homesteading? This post explains what you may need to do to make the switch.


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