Quick and Easy Gardening Tips For Spring

The return of the warm weather in Spring means it’s time to get outside. Gardening is both a fun and productive hobby. If you plan on getting outside more this year, here are some gardening tips to get you started this season.


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Quick and Easy Gardening Tips For Spring




Gardening Tips #1: Invest in a greenhouse


A greenhouse is a gardener’s best friend. Even if you don’t live in a tropical place in the world you can grow tropical plants where you’re able to adjust the temperature. You can also extend the entire growing season so you can generally get more out of your crops and your garden in general.


Greenhouses can be hot, warm or cold (where they’re just used as a protective shelter). Decide on what you want to grow and what sort of greenhouse you’ll need to do so. For example, if you just want a space to protect your plants over the winter and stop them from frosting over, often a cold greenhouse will do the trick.




Gardening Tips #2: Plant Fruit Trees


The thing about fruit trees is you have to be in it for the long haul. If you’re planning on moving within a few years then there’s no point. But if this is your forever home then it’s so worth planting some.


It can take five years or more for your trees to start producing fruit, but after that, you should get a good harvest annually. You can eat the fruit or turn it into jams, jellies, and chutneys so that it lasts all year round.


If you’re interested in horticulture, it’s worth knowing that it’s possible to graft multiple apple types onto one tree to get a variety of different apples. And they can all pollinate each other making it completely self-fertile. Interesting right?!


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Gardening Tips #3: Start a Herb Garden


The thing about herbs is that they’re expensive to buy from the grocery store. But they are so easy to grow yourself. So if you cook regularly, it’s so worth creating a little herb garden.


Lots of herbs like rosemary, parsley and time all do well in chilly weather so you’re not limited to when it’s warm and with the right care, certain herbs can grow all year. Otherwise, put them into containers that can be brought inside during the colder months and placed on a windowsill.


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Gardening Tips #4: Keep Chickens


When you think of spending time out in the garden it’s easy to think about digging flower beds, weeding and planting fruits and vegetables. But if you have a larger space, keeping chickens can be really fun and rewarding.


It’s a great way to teach kids about animals, and they’re less maintenance than you might think. A hen house and some high-quality feed like Natura Feed Ingredients is all you’ll need to get started, and the number to a vet specializing in farmyard animals.


Not only are these sweet little creatures that make nice pets but you’re rewarded with regular fresh eggs!




Using these gardening tips, you can have a successful spring season on your homestead. Do you have other tips you can share? Please mention them in the comments below.



Spring is here, so use these 4 quick and easy gardening tips for your homestead in order to have a productive season!




  1. Love that greenhouse pic- that’ll be out next investment on the homestead. We want to do it right, so we’re budgeting and doing our research-

    1. Author

      I love my greenhouse! It is what keeps me successful at gardening, especially through the colder months!

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