4 Powerful Reasons Gardening Is Good For You

Looking after your garden is not just about keeping it looking presentable and something you are proud of. Actually gardening is good for you! There are many other benefits alongside this. Such as teaching you a new skill, burning calories, and being able to cook with the vegetables you grow in your garden.

There is plenty to learn that will make you more efficient and understand the intricacies of a garden.  Below are four reasons why its is good for you. 

4 Reasons Gardening is Good for You. 

Burn Calories 

You may be surprised at how many calories you can burn from being in the garden. Once you spend the day pressure washing your patio you may be surprised at just how tired you may feel after it.

In fact, it is said that you can burn around 200-400 calories spending an hour pulling out weeds and planting flowers. It is also classed as an activity that isn’t too full-on, on your body.

This means that at any age, gardening is good for you because you can get into the garden, burn calories and have fun. 

woman pulling weeds


Before starting on your garden take a before photo and then and after photo and compare the images once you are done. Planting and altering it can be very rewarding and motivating.

When you see the difference in the photos you can feel proud of what you have achieved. Even if your garden is looking nice, you can still make different changes to make it feel and look different. Get creative and design something yourself and use it as a centerpiece. Maybe attempt a bird table for example. 

Who knows, maybe you will learn the skill of tree-trimming and maybe even start your own tree service eventually. You can find marketing benefits for tree companies to help promote your new business. This will bring an extra income in also.

Use What You Produce 

Gardening is not just about how it looks or planting new plants. You can also opt to grow your own vegetables. Why not create a spot in your garden where you have it as a vegetable patch.

Not only will this make your garden look beautiful in color, but you can then grow tomato plants, maybe onions or peppers, and cucumbers. When fully grown it is really satisfying to use these vegetables within the food you eat.

It’s a lot more rewarding than going to your local supermarket and buying them. You could always host a come dine with me with your friends or family members and impress them that you are using your own produce. 

vegetable harvest

Learn A New Skill 

Gardening is not as easy as it looks. It involves plenty of skill to be able to look after your plants or vegetable plants without them dying regularly. It takes a lot of care, attention, and patience to continuously water them and watch them blossom into something you are proud of, and something that will make your garden look beautiful.

You will also learn about the little things that make your garden look better overall. Like how to mow your lawn effectively, tricks to keeping your patio clean as well as how to paint or cut down your bushes. 

Gardening is good for you because it not only burns calories, but it is very rewarding also. You get to keep and use what you grow, and you can always learn something new every time you get in your garden and work with your soil and plants.

Final Thoughts

Gardening not only burns calories, but it is very rewarding also. You get to keep and use what you grow. You can always learn something new every time you get in your garden and work with your soil and plants.

Do you look after your garden or employ a gardener to do it for you? Let us know in the comment box below if you have any other perks of gardening or facts about whyit is good for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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