3 Gardening Hacks for People With No Green Thumbs

Are you one of those people who loves the idea of having a well-coiffed back garden, but you have zero horticultural knowledge and have no idea where to start? Try not to worry. There are plenty of things you can do with your outdoor space that won’t require the costly expertise of a landscape gardener. Your garden should be fit for purpose for you and your family. Don’t get hung up on creating an ornate garden plot of land if you have no idea how to maintain it. Instead, create a space outside that you will enjoy spending time in. Take a look at these gardening hacks for those people without green thumbs.



3 Gardening Hacks for People With No Green Thumbs





One of the best things you can utilize your garden for, especially in the summer months, is entertaining. You could create a space that allows you to partake in a spot of al fresco dining with family for a summer barbecue. Or you could invite friends for an evening dinner party outdoors. A small patio area complete with chimnea for those chillier evenings is a fantastic way of spending time outdoors. If you love rustling up a feast in the kitchen, why not enjoy the longer evenings and eat outside. Your garden is your space. It doesn’t have to be fully dedicated to flowers and shrubbery.


You might want to reclaim the garden shed and convert it into a bar. Complete with a homemade bar and furniture from https://foxdendecor.com/chairs-bar-stools/bar-stools/ you can create your very own outside drinking establishment. Your summer dinner parties will never be the same again. This is just one possible gardening hacks to transform your garden into the space desired for you and your family.


2 white adirondak chairs in the grass




If you fancy growing something, but you’re not keen on flowers, why not consider vegetables. If you have younger children at home, this can be the perfect way to get them away from their smartphone and tablet screens and outside with you.


Growing vegetables is fun and relatively easy as long as you follow the sowing guidance from a reputable source of knowledge like https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edible/vegetables/. You could become a little more self-sufficient with your potatoes, carrots, and onions.


Before long, your offspring will adore tending to the tomatoes while you rustle up a lunch with the produce. And you will have practiced yet another of the gardening hacks for your garden!


Little boy watering vegetables with watering can




Every garden tends to have a little patch of lawn. This space is ideal for the kids if they want to kick a ball around, you want to do some sunbathing in the garden, or you simply want to cover up some unsightly soil.


If mowing the grass every week seems like too much hard work, the artificial lawn available today is an exceptional equivalent. Expensive, yes, but no longer do you have to worry about brown patches, weeds or your grass becoming overgrown.


It may seem like a bit of a cheat, but your garden will look well maintained all year round.


Artificial grass inder a chair


Being a gardener isn’t about having a green thumb. It’s about creating the perfect outdoor space for you and your family. Follow this guide of some simple gardening hacks and enjoy making your garden fit for your purpose.



Using these 3 gardening hacks you can transform your garden into an area you can still use without having a green thumb!




  1. Congrats on being featured on the Homestead Hop this week, AnnMarie!

    If I ever get too old to garden, I’m using these hacks. 🙂

    In fact, the outdoor living space is one I’ve already been thinking of!

    1. Author

      Awe thanks so much! Gardening is my getaway from the world lol!

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