How To Get Your Garden And Yard Back In Shape In A Day

Taking care of your garden and yard needn’t be a difficult task. You don’t need to have a green thumb to get your garden in good shape either. If you’re stuck on time (and most people are) here is a quick guide of how you can get your garden and yard in shape – in one day!

neatly trimmed and maintained yard

How To Get Your Garden And Yard Back In Shape In A Day


Tidy Up

First of all, tidying any toys, gardening equipment, and old furniture up now will make your tasks of getting your yard back into shape a lot easier. And so, the Lawn Care and hedge trimming can wait for now.

You may notice a few empty plastic plant pots lying around, toys your children have outgrown or some slabs that you intended to put to use but never did. If this is the case then put them away into the shed or garage. Once this step is done, move onto the next!

Follow some easy and simple steps and you can have your garden and yard back to shape in no time.

Pull Those Weeds!

Second of all, it’s time to get rid of all the weeds in your garden. Weeds make a massive difference to the look of your garden, as they make it appear both messy and unkempt. From the garden borders to the lawn, to in between the paving stones start eliminating any and all weeds

. Use a sharp garden tool to dig the weeds out properly to improve the appearance of your garden and make your garden healthier. This means getting rid of the weeds by the roots. If you just pick the leaves off the weeds, failing to remove the roots could mean the weeds return again quickly.

If the ground is proving tough to get your gardening tool into, try adding some water and let this sink in to soften the soil. 

As an alternative to digging out the weeds, you may want to use a natural weed killer. Then, once this has been done, you could seek out methods and solutions for weed control in New Jersey, NJ (or wherever it is you are) to prevent them from coming back again in the future.

woman weeding the garden

Pruning And Trimming

Pruning and trimming are best done alongside weeding, as both of these chores can be quite messy. Use your hedge cutters to tidy up the hedges and get rid of any branches that are noticeably sticking out. You may also want to use this time to trim up some low growing branches on trees. 

Nothing brings better curb appeal and makes for a cleaner yard and garden than bushes and trees being trimmed.

neatly cut garden walkway

The Lawn

Before you turn on the mower, make sure you take no more than a ⅓ of the current grass height. Any more than this and you may encourage your lawn to die very quickly. This is especially true in the hottest months of summer.

Turn over your mower and assess what the current level is that your blades are positioned at. If your grass is long, try and place the blades at the highest level possible, to make sure you don’t take to much away from the grass. Otherwise, your lawn could go into shock and turn brown. 

If you have a bit of time to spare, use this to define the edges of your lawn. You can do this by trimming the edges and getting rid of any grass that’s overgrown on to the pavement. 

And last but not least, ask for help! Gardening is exhausting work. And so, if you can get your family or friends on board to help you out, do! It’ll be far quicker than doing it alone!

Lawnmower cutting the grass

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Do these quick tips help you feel as though you can get your yard and garden back in shape quickly? Tell me in the comments below.


  1. What an informative post and now I can get my pretty garden back as it used to. Thanks

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