A Garden Upgrade: Where To Begin!

Garden upgrade: where to start? Our experts will enlighten you and guide you to make your garden a real paradise in which you will feel perfectly good! Landscaping your garden should not be done on a whim. For a successful result, you have to take the time to think it over and not rely solely on exterior decoration magazines. Your garden should be unique and to your liking. It must be functional while being pleasant to live in. Here are a few must-see steps before you get started.

First of all, it is imperative that you carry out an inventory of your land. This assessment should allow you to identify the shape of your plot, its surface area, its exposure, or the nature of the soil. This will give you a first glimpse of the layout you could make. Secondly, you must take into account everything that does not move on your land (fixed elements). They include your house, a possible garden shed, the garage, the driveway, or the fences that delimit it. 

Then you need to take your environment into consideration. Do you have neighbors in the immediate vicinity of your garden? Is there a body of water? An electrical connection? Do you want a spa? Or perhaps a hot tub? In this case, you’ll need to think of hot tub electrical wiring

Once this inventory has been made, it’s time to go more into the concrete by drawing a plan for your garden. You can then imagine the different spaces, the various species of plants, the creation of a body of water or a swimming pool. You can also project a fence or even a terrace. The arrangement of your garden cannot be improvised and this diagram should be as precise as possible in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you are not sure of yourself, do not hesitate to call on a professional who will be able to advise you on the right arrangements to make according to the nature of your land, your desires but also your needs.

Garden Upgrade

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Which garden furniture to go for?

Choosing your garden furniture is not an easy step when doing a garden upgrade. This is because you will find yourself faced with a gigantic choice. It is difficult to discern what will or will not suit your land. Aesthetics are not the only element to take into account when choosing your outdoor furniture. You have to consider maintenance, resistance, size, or cost.  

The first step is to define what your needs are. Would you like to set up a dining area? A place to have an aperitif with friends? A relaxation area? Depending on what you want and need, you will be able to identify which type of furniture best meets your expectations.

Then, it is important to take into consideration the space you have available so that your furniture is also functional, the objective being not to clutter the space. The circulation must be done in a fluid way so that your garden is pleasant to live in. For a dining area for example, if you have a rather small space, it will be wise to choose a round or square table that is foldable. The same goes for the chairs. 

Additional Elements

After determining your outdoor furniture needs, you need to think about the different materials available. If this choice is mainly and naturally guided by your tastes, some additional elements should be added to your checklist.

  1. Wood is very popular because it brings a warm and elegant touch to an exterior.  Solid and resistant, it requires regular maintenance if you do not want your furniture to turn gray over time. If you want your garden furniture to keep its original color, it should be treated every year. It should also be covered with a cover during the winter season to protect it from the elements. 
  2. Aluminum is a high-end material suitable for gardens with a contemporary feel. Weather and rust resistant, it requires minimal maintenance.  
  3. If the PVC garden furniture may seem less attractive, it offers more and more possibilities of finishes. It combines lightness and ease of maintenance. However, you should know that this material is not the most resistant over time.  
  4. Finally, iron offers an elegant and vintage touch that is also very popular. A great classic of garden furniture, this material requires special attention. This is because if the paint does peel, it will have to be repainted and treated immediately to avoid any risk of rust. 
Make your property the talk of the town when you perform the garden upgrade ideas mentioned here.

Which plants to choose?

The choice of vegetation for your garden must be thought out according to its exposure, its surface area, the nature of the soil, and of course your tastes. Here are a few tips. Choose plants that are easy to maintain. Unless you are passionate about gardening and have a lot of time to devote to it, it is better to opt for species that require minimal maintenance. Also, favor slow-growing plants that do not require too regular pruning. Boxwood or yew, for example, are good choices. You want plants that will fare well in any type of climate. Although this may be tricky, it is doable also. Research well to find plants that suit.

Think about the exposure of your garden and your location when doing a garden upgrade. Even if you love a plant, you need to make sure that it can thrive under the conditions that you are going to offer it. While most need sun, some species are less demanding than others. And they can grow in the shade or in the north. Don’t forget the trees! We always think of flowers or even of the different beds, but trees are often forgotten. Yet they bring a lot to your garden. Before planting, consider educating yourself about the size of the tree as an adult. Do not forget to think carefully about the location of its installation to make sure that it does not bring you too much shade. Or that it does not risk encroaching on your neighbors’ garden.

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