Are You Sure Your Garden Shed Is Secure?

If you are a keen gardener and forager, I’m sure that your garden shed will be one of your most prized possessions. After all, it will provide you with some great storage for all of your gardening equipment. Not to mention any plants and flowers that need some protection from spells of bad weather. As the shed is such an important part of your garden, you will need to make sure that it is properly protected from the threat of burglars and other potential intruders. After all, you don’t want to wake up one morning to find that your lawnmower has been stolen!


Think your garden shed could do with some better protection? Here are some tips to make your garden shed more secure.

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Are You Sure Your Garden Shed Is Secure?




Consider Changing Its Location


If your shed is only small, it probably won’t be anchored to the ground. It could even be very easily moved. So, if you think you can move it, it’s worth considering its location. Ideally, a shed shouldn’t be visible from the street, as it could attract some unwanted attention. If your shed is very visible, you might want to move it somewhere more obscure in your garden. Generally speaking, the best location is tucked away behind a hedge or tree.

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Install An Alarm


You probably have many alarm systems installed in the main part of your home. So why not consider also adding one to your shed? Think of it this way – if someone does try and break into your shed during the middle of the night, there is not much chance of you or anyone else in your family hearing them. Thankfully, though, a reliable alarm will be able to alert your attention to their presence.


You can always install bright lights around the entrance to your garden shed. At least at night, you will have a lit up view of the opening to your shed at least.

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Anchor The Shed In Place


I’ve already mentioned that the shed might not already be anchored in place. If this is the case, you should endeavor to fix it in place to the ground. Otherwise, a thief could easily get in by trying to maneuver the shed so that it is easier to gain access to.



Upgrade The Lock


Even though most of us have heavy duty locks on our main entrances into our home, there are still very few of us who have taken this step for our sheds as well. So, if your shed is still only locked with a very basic key and lock, you should consider upgrading it. It’s well worth going to see your local locksmith. Ask them for advice on the best way to secure your outdoor buildings.

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Cover All Of The Windows


If you can see inside your shed from outside, you should cover all of the windows up. Make sure that nothing inside is visible to anyone who might pass by. If a thief spots something that is valuable inside, then they might be a lot more motivated to break in and try to steal it. So, it could be worth hanging some curtains on all the windows.

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Make sure that your shed is safe and secure if it is full of valuables! Following these easy tips should keep your tools and other valuables safe within your shed.


Your garden shed should be secure as your home. Here are some tips to secure it the right way.



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