Garden Patio: How to Enjoy it in the Evenings

A garden patio is one of those outdoor features that offer a wide range of homeowner benefits. And gatherings that carry on into the night appear pretty high on that list for most. Just like in the movies, we imagine snuggling up under a blanket with our favorite people and chatting the night away in a fog of under-the-stars giddiness. But, as many of us find out the hard way, not every garden patio setup is cut out to meet this challenge.

Despite our best efforts based on all the Pinterest inspo we can find, it’s not unusual for guests to start leaving as soon as darkness falls or the temperature drops. Of course, that’s not to say that your garden patio can’t host some winning evening gatherings in the future. It is a sure sign that something you’re doing (or not doing) right now is preventing you from achieving this wish. Here, we’re going to help you get to the bottom of the problem. Let’s consider just a few of the mistakes you might accidentally be making in your quest for an evening-worthy patio space. 

Garden Patio Ideas

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Getting Lighting all Wrong

Ambiance plays a huge part in any evening gathering. Unlike during a daytime get-together, people will typically be looking for a calm, close-knit feeling that adds to that much-coveted cozy evening vibe. Lighting plays a huge part in that. As all garden patio inspiration reveals, trails of fairy lights can most definitely help to create an after-dark space. Especially one that people want to spend time in.

But, merging the ideal ambiance with your fairy light setup can be a much harder goal than you might imagine. An inability to get this right could quite easily be the reason you’re struggling to get guests to stay very far past dusk. After all, too few lights could see guests stumbling around and struggling to communicate. While too many lights, or strips of lights that are far too bright, could create a strong glare. That’s most definitely not the pleasant late-night vibe you should be aiming for.

Overcome this issue by thinking about ways to maximize your lights for every occasion. Especially look out for fairy lights or other lighting options. Include hangable candle jars or even wall-mounted electrical lights, that provide a warm, preferably yellow/orange quality of light. Think, too, about how many lights you should aim for. This will ensure the perfect lighting coverage without going overboard and blinding everyone.

Going overboard with heat

For anyone planning outdoor evening get-togethers, a big patio heater or something similar can seem like a prerequisite. And, certainly, these additions hold a strong place in any garden patio lover’s heart. Especially when the cold nights roll around and outdoor entertainment is still a very real possibility. But, in attempts to prevent any discomfort, we too often turn to garden patio heaters and their ilk as a prevention-rather-than-cure form of temperature control. And, more often than not, it doesn’t work out. 

This is especially the case during the summer months when even nighttime temperatures are nowhere near low enough to justify a piece of equipment that could see anyone nearby roasting within minutes. The discomfort this causes could soon empty the space and your party. That’s something you should aim to avoid. Instead, think about more subtle, and perhaps optional forms of temperature control. Storing blankets either in a garden chest or within your garden patio furniture if possible is often the best possible compromise here. By making it known that guests can stay warm if they want to, you provide the opportunity for everyone to decide their own temperatures. They will stay more comfortable for far longer as a result.

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Attack of the Insects on the Garden Patio

What do you get when you mix light, heat, humans, and darkness? You get insects, of course, and often a lot of them. We’re talking moths that attack your lights and anyone under them, mozzies that feast on the flesh of every one of your guests, and even spiders that make an unwelcome appearance on your garden patio furniture. Trust us when we say that nothing will clear the space faster.

To avoid this disaster, it’s crucial to put precautions in place before insects are even able to get so much as an idea about gatecrashing the party. Something as simple as installing blinds and awnings can work well for this purpose. They quite literally block access. And they hide your lighting from view to stop the insect attraction in the first place. Equally, incorporating mosquito netting into your garden patio design can look great when done right. It also ensures an added layer of protection that stops your guests from leaving early to attend to the bites that they’ll inevitably receive otherwise. 

Overlooking entertainment

Obviously, a party or get-together will provide its own entertainment as guests get to chatting, laughing, and generally being merry. But a lack of specific garden patio entertainment on your part could also cause things to end earlier than they might otherwise. After all, setting plays a huge part. Even the best conversations are unlikely to cut it if the location is entirely flat.

Outdoor entertainment systems are perhaps the most obvious option here. Especially ones connected by the internet or Bluetooth that allow you to stream requests or even play party games through a system like Alexa. Further efforts for entertainment could include the incorporation of giant garden games set up in a corner of your garden patio. Even something like a projector and screen for outdoor movie-style get-togethers. In each instance, you increase your chances of keeping your guests entertained. This will help your garden patio to finally start shining, even underneath the moonlight. 

 A garden patio is one of those outdoor features that offer a wide range of homeowner benefits, and gatherings that carry on into the night appear pretty high on that list for most.

Final Thoughts on Garden Patio Ideas

Hopefully, these ideas will give you a great start to being able to entertain more on your garden patio in the evenings! Do you have any ideas to share?

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