How To Create A Garden Paradise

garden paradise

It’s time once again to take a good look around your home and see what needs freshening up, what needs painting, and what needs a whole makeover. Those little things that you’ve had your eye on fixing up have finally got too big to ignore The DIY gloves are on and you’re on a mission to breathe new life back into your yard and create a garden paradise.


Once you’ve tackled your interiors it’s time to turn your attention to your exteriors. Fight your way into the garden for a look at what you can do to get ready for a stylish summer of outdoor living. Get ready in plenty of time for the warm weather that will be here before you know it.


There’s never been a better time to give your garden a fresh new look. It doesn’t have to cost the earth. With just a few simple touches, you’ll be lounging around in your garden paradise.


garden paradise



How To Create A Garden Paradise


Trim And Bin


In order to really see what’s going in your garden, you’ll need to cut back and reveal your lost borders and edges. Rake and bin those dead leaves and trim back branches and bushes that threaten to take over your pathways.


Then you can stand back and admire your handy work and really make some plans. This is the first step in creating a garden paradise.


If you’re not looking to do much more to your flowers and shrubs then this tidy up should suffice. But if you feel like a change of scenery get planning. Prepare some areas for new foliage, a vegetable patch or herb garden. Check out the best options for your soil type and climate either online or visiting your local gardening center.


garden paradise


Freshen Up Not Throw Away


There’s no need to throw away your favorite garden furniture just because the upholstery is looking a little tired or has gone out of style. Save money by simply replacing patio cushion covers on your chairs, sofas and chaise longue and giving them a brand new lease of life.


Bring your outside dining experience bang up to date with a stylish outside dining set and beautiful decorations for your table. These little touches will wow your guests and help create a fantastically ambient dining experience in your garden paradise.


Don’t forget to incorporate your new style across the rest of the garden too with a cute summerhouse or ornamental pond. To attract wilder visitors install insect-friendly flowers, birdhouses, and hanging feeders.


garden paradise

Up Your Game


If you’re really looking to impress think about adding some lights to your seating area. This gives you the chance to sit out with friends long into the night enjoying the warm summer evenings. Adding ambient lights adds to the softness of your garden paradise.

Even if they don’t remain particularly warm, you might think about installing heaters that will soon warm up your visitors with a cozy glow and plenty of heat.




It’s always good to have a plan, so start making yours today. Break out that sketchpad, trawl some lifestyle pages and design a garden paradise that will suit you and your home down to the ground, providing plenty of peace, tranquility and lots of fun for years to come.


There’s never been a better time to give your garden a fresh new look. It doesn’t have to cost the earth. With just a few simple touches, you’ll be lounging around in your garden paradise.



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