4 Garden Maintenance Basics You Should Know

There are garden maintenance basics that are important if you hope to enjoy a home that’s well taken care of. The exterior of your home speaks volumes about your property. It can, of course, differentiate the value if you hope to appeal to appraisers and viewers.


Getting your garden in order is also a simple and great way to tie your home together. If you’re hoping to expand the space of your home, simply tidying up the garden can increase the utility of your outdoor space, making the most of what you already have.


Here are some tips to keep your garden well maintained, just in time for Spring.



4 Garden Maintenance Basics You Should Know 



Garden Maintenance Basics #1: Sort


Separating your tools, unused goods, and junk away from the basic area of your garden is a positive step. Some people hope to landscape their gardens without even seeing it free of their stored items. It’s important for garden safety to keep your dangerous items in a separate area, especially if you have children around the place.


Purchasing a shed and installing it in a corner of your garden can actually increase the space of your outside area, as you can then store things upwards as opposed to being littered around your garden. This also opens up the walkable space around your area, allowing for larger utility.


garden maintenance basics- clean area



Garden Maintenance Basics #2: Furniture


The garden furniture you use might be outdated. People often invest in a decent setup and then neglect to maintain it. This can mean cushions or wood becomes moldy, or rust forms on the cast iron furniture you own. Of course, when summer rolls around, uncovered furniture can look terrible and damaged in time for Spring.


Still, because of the initial investment, people often consider this outside furniture to still be a fixture of the garden, and prevent maintaining it or even throwing it out. Truly assess if your furniture is working for or against your garden. If people aren’t sitting on it, you might have an answer.


garden maintenance basics-outdoor furniture



Garden Maintenance Basics #3: Hygiene


The hygiene of your garden matters. Of course, it’s outside, and so you need to account for a small amount of wear. However, owning pets, having children or gathering social events can lead your garden area to become messy, soiled or otherwise damaged.


It could be that mold, rot or other issues occur in hidden furniture or shed areas. It could be that your pool filters are inefficient, and researching pool filters 101 can help you from making similar mistakes in the future.


garden maintenance basics pool



Garden Maintenance Basics #4: Use


Gardens are well maintained, and they take on their vibrancy correctly when people use them. This means not being afraid to use your garden for social events, being afraid of your children playing there, and installing features you’d most want to see.


This might sound counter to our previous tips, but a well-used garden often precipitates maintenance, because use is a much stronger motivator than simple observation. Provided your garden gets correct drainage, is regularly trimmed, is tidied, and has a good atmosphere, you can be sure its days will be long, as will the memories you craft there.


Some garden maintenance basics you should know about to help your homestead have some curb appeal.



Maintaining your garden in this way should lend new life to your entire exterior. Do you have other garden maintenance basics you can share? Please add them to the comment box below.



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