How To Make Your Own Garden Hose Successfully

Garden maintenance requires regular watering according to the need of each individual plant. You can provide this water to your plants through a garden hose. A hose purchased at retail can give the water pressure and hose length you need if you have a smaller garden.

For larger gardens, your water requirements may need something customized. A DIY garden hose allows you to specify not only the length of the hose. You can also customize the diameter of the hose. It depends on the amount of water flow you need to deal with long hose lengths or having to pump water uphill.

Worry no more, as one of your chores, will get easier as you follow the steps in building your own garden hose.

Garden hose on a reel

Steps on Do It Yourself Garden Hose

Step 1. Buy hose tubing that is long enough to cut to your desired length. Select an inside diameter for the hose that meets your gardening needs. For light gardening use, choose a hose with a 1/2-inch diameter. For larger or inclined gardens, pick a 5/8-inch diameter hose. If you need a hose for a high-pressure use, choose the one with a 3/4-diameter. It is helpful when you’re operating with a hose uphill. The drop in water pressure would make smaller hoses inefficient.

Step 2. Measure the length of the hose you need. Cut the hose using a utility knife. Keep the cut straight around the hose’s circumference. This is to avoid leakage when connecting the hose couplings to the end.

Step 3. The ends of the hose are hard. Wash them with soapy water to soften the openings. It will be easier to install the hose couplings. Lubricate the inset coupling as well using the soap.

Step 4. Push the coupling insets into the ends of the hoses. The male coupling is for one end, a female coupling is for the other end. Push the coupling until the hose end engulfs the inset. When the opening of the hose is against the coupling base, stop pushing.

Step 5. Place the coupling onto a strong and steady surface. Knock the clincher finger around the base of the coupling over the hose with a hammer. Do this until they grip the hose between the clincher fingers and the inset inside the hose body. Through this, the coupling will be in place on the ends of the hose. Pull both coupling on each end of the hose to test the fit. See if they disengage from the hose end. Press the coupling back full onto the hose end if there’s any slippage. Also, hammer the clincher fingers more tightly around the hose body.

Step 6. Using the coupling on the end, connect the newly built hose to a water source. Turn on the water source. Then, check and look for any leakage from the fitted couplings. Make sure the couplings are completely at the end of the hose if leakage occurs. If not, press the couplings on tighter and then tighten the clincher fingers in place.

be sure to use the correct parts when building your hose, including camlock hose fittings to get the best success when building your own hose.

Creative Ways to Store Your Garden Hose

A hose is an essential thing for every yard or garden. But it can also be a nuisance if you don’t have a place to store your garden hose. We are here to help you! We have compiled some lovely options for your garden hose storage needs. You can buy some of these online. But others offer handy DIYs for a more personalized touch. Whatever your taste, we hope we’ve found an idea to spark your creativity.

Garden Hose Storage Pot. It comes in a variety of materials, shapes, and colors. If you want to hide your hose, this is the best! It has a small hole that ensures you can easily unravel it.

A Garden hose on a reel on the wall.

Hose Reel. A hose reel is one of the easiest garden hose storage you can have. It cleans up the appearance of any patio that you have. Instead of having a tangled hose in your garden, it preserves the quality of your hose. There are different garden hose reel you can choose in the market and have good value for your money.

Wooden Hitching Post. A lovely hitching-post style is something you can completely customize. It is also easy to make!

Galvanized Metal Pail. It is useful in so many ways. Galvanized pails are not just perfect for keeping your hose neat. It doubles as storage for small garden tools. It gives your garden a bit of rustic charm.

Wooden Textile Spools. Old textile spools make a functional and interesting feature. They keep your hose looking orderly.

Galvanized Wash Tub. Using this can be a quick and simple option to control your hose. You can drill a hole in the bottom to make storage even easier.

A garden hose hanging on a metal hanger

Modern Hose Hook. Brackets are easy to install. For those who are looking for a more modern and cleaner look, this is a good option. You can find brackets at hardware and garden stores.

Hose Butler. Are you looking for something a little more delicate and whimsical? Hose butler is a nice option. It’s small enough to not be an eyesore. But it can hold up to 200 feet long hose.

Up-cycled Tire Hose Pot. The great way to save money when working in your garden is up-cycling. Recycling old tires will give you something durable and you can customize. It can be eye-catching or industrial.

Garden Storage Pallet DIY. A cheap wooden pallet is usually utilized in this DIY project.

Garden Storage Bench. To hide a garden hose and more, a beautiful outdoor storage bench is a great option. Wooden benches are easy to use by drilling a hole in the back to feed the hose through

Coiled Hose Storage. PVC pipe is a great storage option for those using a coiled hose. You can leave it as it is or you can customize it with paint.

Antler Hose Holder. If you are looking for something different, look no further! The hose and holder set to come in several different colors.

Outdoor Planter DIY. A lovely wooden planter, depending on the size, can contain your hose and other garden needs.

Tire Rim. This is a great way to recycle an old rim. It will add an interesting look to any eclectic garden.

Birch Branch Hose Holder. Use a tree branch for a simple and rustic option. This birch branch is a wonderful choice to keep a natural look around your garden.

Mailbox Garden Storage. Installing an old mailbox in your garden adds a charming touch. You will also have extra storage.

Copper Drum. This drum adds an interesting look to an otherwise boring hose like the hose pot mentioned above. You might even look into recycling a small drum for this same purpose.

Under Deck Storage. You may consider installing under deck storage. This is a great choice to hide outdoor storage needs, including the garden hose.

Decorative Bronze Garden Hose Wheel. Looking for a stylish hose reel? A bronze reel is going to be ideal! It can give your garden some character. It can be also designed with a storage tray on the top that can be also used to store your tools. The reel hangs under a tray from a swivel and can rotate a full 360 degrees. The reel can be also locked in place when you want it to stay still.

 Have you ever considered making your own garden hose? This post has the step by step instruction to do just that!


If you want to customize your garden hose and spend less, try doing the steps above. We have also added some creative ways to store your hose. You can build one for yourself for a little amount with creativity and being resourceful. They are easy and inexpensive to make and add curb appeal to your garden.

And if you’re a new gardener, you can also want to check the best garden hose in the market. This will help in case building your own hose will take much of your time.

This has been a guest post from my friend Gary Stephen of My Garden Plant. You can also find him on Facebook.

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  1. If there were pictures for the storage suggestions, it would be nice! There were only two, the hose rack that is attached to a wall, and the same style only with a rewinder handle. These are pretty common, some of the other ideas aren’t and would greatly benefit with photos of them.

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