Garage Door Opener Remote: What You Need To Know

A garage is a place where people keep one of their most valuable possessions, their cars. Nowadays a lot of houses have garages on their premises. The garage door serves as an alternative entryway to their homes in case the main door cannot be opened. Garage doors are mostly shutters, which can be opened and closed automatically with the help of remote controls. The garage door opener remote is easy to handle and makes the operation of the garage doors much easier and convenient.

garage door opener remote

Garage Door Opener Remote: What You Need To Know

Advantages of garage door opener remote

  • With the advancement of science and technology, electronic devices have become much easier to handle. Machines such as television, air conditioner, air cooler, cars, and various other devices can be operated automatically. The latest in the additions is the garage doors.
  • The remote control helps to open and close the garage door from a distance and without any one’s help.  You can drive into the garage and keep your car safe there.
  • Opening and closing the garage doors, especially the shutter doors, are very difficult if done manually. They can require a lot of strength and hard work. So, the garage door opener remote acts as a savior. They save us from the trouble of opening and closing the doors manually.
  • Automatic garage doors which can be opened by remote controls are much safer than the normal doors. The normal doors which can be opened or closed manually can be easily broken or damaged by intruders. The automatic doors cannot.  This is because these doors run on a digital code. Unless you know the specific digital code which has been used during the installation process, by no means can you open the doors by using the remote control.
  • Automatic garage doors with remotes can be easily repaired by experienced service providers who have knowledge and expertise in this field.


  • The initial garage door opener remote was a simple device. It was comprised of a combination of transmitter and receiver which operated the opening and closing mechanism.  The role of the transmitter is to pass on the required frequency and the receiver would trace the desired radio signal which will aid in the opening and closing of the door.
  • The power of the remote control of a garage door is generally low. Its signal can’t be traced by other door openers of other garages.
  • The garage door opener remote controls run on a digital code which is controlled by several DIP switches.
  • Sometimes it is seen that the signal transmitted by one garage door opener can be received by the garage door of the neighbor. But if the two doors use different digital codes, they cannot be opened by the same remote control.

Features of modern-day garage door opener remotes

  • On opening the door, an automatic courtesy light turns on which automatically turns off when the door closes.
  • The radio receiver is automatically turned off by the lockout feature of the remote when the owner of the garage is not accessing the garage.
  • Various added features can be seen in the remote nowadays like keychain remotes, deadbolts which are operated by solenoids used for self-locking of garage doors, wireless keypads etc.
  • The fingerprint-based wireless keypad is the recent addition to the garage door opener technology. This enables only the known people to enter the garage by giving their fingerprints.

The garage door opener remote is a landmark technological discovery which has made our lives much easier and convenient.

Thus, the garage door opener remote is a landmark technological discovery which has made our lives much easier and convenient.

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