How to Create an Eclectic Gallery Wall Correctly

Have you ever looked at an empty wall in your home and wondered what you can add to it so it doesn’t look so drab and plain? You could paint it a different color to create contrast, install peel-and-stick wallpaper, or you could do a gallery wall!

A gallery wall is an incredibly popular solution to a wall that needs some dimension, color, and character. It’s a simple yet effective way to add a ton of personality to your home and the bonus is, it’s very kind on the wallet.

Whether you want to spruce the wall above your living room couch, add some special artwork to your hallway, create your own personalized wall sign, or add fun pieces to your bathroom; a gallery wall is a versatile decorative project that anyone can do according to their own personal sense of style.

Some decorative recommendations would be to create a gallery wall that’s unified with the same photo frames or even the same colors, but if you want something a little more eclectic, you shouldn’t be afraid to bring that vision to life.

A gallery wall in a home

In an eclectic style gallery wall, you’re going for a vibe of found objects and a mix of different styles and items that reflect your personality and quirky sense of style. Imagine yourself as someone who has traveled the whole world, gone to some of the most amazing markets, and brought back a lifetime’s worth of beautiful items.

These items then become the conversation-starting pieces that crown your home. Here are a few ideas to achieve an eclectic gallery wall.

Go Beyond Framed Art

Don’t just think of framed artwork for your gallery wall. There are so many other beautiful wall art items that can also be hung up on the wall.

You don’t only have to use the classic pretty art or photography on your gallery wall. You can very easily print out a quote you like and include that. Better yet, get a cool word art print from to accentuate your gallery wall.

These pieces will be focal points in your gallery wall and a great starting point that you can add to and elevate.

  • You can get a beautiful piece of wall art that looks like tree branches, leaves, or flowers to create a 3D element, or you can get a wall hung shelf.
  • Another great option is to add a macrame wall hanging that will bring the bohemian flair to the home.
  • A wall-hung planter which is spruced up with a hanging plant can be added to make your wall look like a vertical garden.

A Mix of Media

An eclectic gallery wall is also about mixing up frame types and finishes. Instead of choosing one frame material like wood, mix it up with different mediums and materials. For example, you can use frames made from ceramic, painted wood, raw wood, padded velvet, and plastic. Or how about canvas?

You could turn your favorite photos into striking canvas prints! One of the most cost-effective and cheapest photos on to canvas prints uk option could be Canvasdesign, who are specialists in handmade canvas prints. A mixed media look is one of the most effective to create an eclectic look because it doesn’t stick to one set rule or one set style. 

Gallery wall of different size frames

Clever Additions

A mirror is another item you can add to your gallery for dimension, especially if it’s not in the typical square shape. An oval-shaped mirror with a beautiful frame in the middle of the gallery wall can make the room look bigger and break from the typical gallery wall conventions.

Framed pictures are a solid part of a good gallery wall, but you can also consider an empty photo frame. This is another really unique and simple way to create a gallery wall that’s a combination of beautiful items that work together and create a stunning room.

Don’t Overthink On Sizes

The perfect gallery wall is created by perfectly measured out and proportional frames and art pieces. If you want to create an eclectic look, why not go for more of a haphazard look by mixing very large pieces with smaller ones without too much of a strict structure or look? Every room is different, and there’s nothing wrong with throwing out the gallery wall script and doing what feels and looks good to you and also suits the room.

Learn the easy way to create a gallery wall in your home with simple ideas to transform that blank wall in your home.

Word Art

You don’t only have to use the classic pretty art or photography on your gallery wall. You can very easily print out a quote you like and include that. Whether this quote is something funny, lyrics you love, or a serious and sentimental saying, it breaks things up from the usual and allows you to input more of your personality into your decor feature.

A gallery wall is a fun home project that can enhance your home, making it look and feel like you’ve got the best artworks on display right under your roof. To truly make it your own, don’t be afraid to throw out the rule book and do a gallery wall your way. If you want to have photos of your favorite memories, abstract artworks, and even unique pieces you’ve brought along the way, go for it. The more eclectic you can make your gallery wall, the more your home matches your unique identity.

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