How To Care For Furniture Before And After The Holidays

The holidays are approaching. This means your furniture is at risk to the many bumps and bruises that come with rearranging to accommodate for decorations and parties. If you don’t already provide top-notch furniture care, it’s easy to start! Most of the products you own offer simple soap and water techniques that will save you from buying expensive cleaning products, making your day-to-day tasks easier. Check out the different furniture materials below for a better understanding of how to take care of your pieces; before the holidays get to them first:



How To Care For Furniture Before And After The Holidays




Wood is arguably the most frustrating of items to clean in your home. General everyday products can clean just about all surfaces except your wood products. These items usually need a special wood-friendly cleaner in order to scrub and polish your pieces to their best potential.

Using simple cleaners like extensive amounts of water and vinegar will damage the wood, causing discoloration. Due to wood’s porous nature, this can also cause the items to swell. The best way to treat your wood is by cleaning the surface with a sponge dampened with dish soap. You will only need a small amount of water in order to remove sticky imperfections from the surface. After investing in quality furniture, you can imagine the amount of frustration a tiny scratch could give you.

Look into purchasing a furniture pen to keep on hand for those unsightly nicks. They come in every color to repair your beloved wooden items: check these out here. After you’ve cleaned and touched up your furniture, lightly dust with an old-fashioned feather duster or a rag to remove any particles remaining on the pieces.





As you’ve probably seen with some of your metal pieces, the longer you take to fix them, the worse they deteriorate. Metal furniture is fairly simple to treat. You really only need to wax it every six months to keep its shiny look and clean with soap and water. As you would need to for any item, dust occasionally to avoid settled dust.

Some of our most complicated pieces require a little extra love, for example, a chandelier — check these out here to see the best practices for cleaning our higher-up pieces. If you’re choosing metal, it’s important to invest in quality. Choose items that already have a finish and come with instructions to ensure the longevity of your furniture





Leather is most common in couches, which get the most use during the holidays! Especially with quality couches like these here, you’ll want to take every step to protect your beloved living room focus. Leather takes additional monitoring, as you should be using a leather care product two to four times a year.

Leather cannot get wet, nor do they fair well in direct sunlight. The placement of your item is key to the length of its stay. Find an optimal area in your house for the piece, and keep animal claws and food away from damaging the surface.

We recommend you cover your leather furniture with a big, cozy blanket for any holiday parties. Moderately covering your beautiful piece will protect it from the rowdiness that comes with events. Your item will not need any harsh chemicals to clean, just soap and small amounts of water. There are dusting and waxing techniques that should be recommended by the individual leather furniture item provider.





Linen is the most comfortable, and the easiest to care for! They can be incorporated in your vacuuming routine to remove any pet hair or crumbs that collect on the surface. Linen’s lounging qualities offer greater opportunity for damage. People love to recline while they watch the football game! Luckily, you can treat linen as you would any other cotton piece. Immediately blot any spills, and use a regular linen cleaner to remove the stain from the surface.



Any pieces in your home are certainly not helpless after an accident. If you have any questions, reach out to a worker from the store you received the item from and ask for best care practices, or hire someone to come in and take a look if the situation calls for it! Your furniture can be made to look brand new, every time you enter the room.


The holidays are approaching. This means your furniture is at risk to the many bumps and bruises that come with decorations and parties.


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