Making A Functional Room

Making good use of the space you have can make your room much more functional without it becoming uncomfortable. We all like our rooms to look their best, but being usable is important as well. Here are some tips for making a functional room.

functional room


Making A Functional Room





Before you do anything else remove any clutter from your room. Ornaments and other additions can be of sentimental value. But they are dust collectors which use up valuable space. Wrap and pack them safely away and your room will be easier to maintain.


Build Upwards


There is space up to the ceiling of your room so why not use it. Instead of building outwards, build upwards with shelving for your book, music player and maybe even your TV.

functional room

Buy Furniture With Storage


When you are buying new furniture consider end tables that perhaps have a drawer or a footstool with a lid.  The drawer in the end table can be used for storing pens and papers, and the remote controls when they are not being used. The footstool can be a brilliant place to store cushions.


The end tables will also provide a surface for those sitting next to them, and a lamp on them can give some extra light to read by. This makes for a more functional room.


Have Pieces That Do The Job


When buying the larger pieces of furniture, make sure they will do the job you want. A chair, table or anything else that has no use will just take up space that could be used for something more important.


For instance, if you have a bay window, don’t just put something like plants to fill it. That space can be very useful for a desk for your computer, or some other sort of storage piece. In this scenario as well, have curtains and blinds that fit around the bay and not ones that shut it off when they are closed.

functional room

Keep A Clear Way Through


Always arrange your furniture so people do not have to step over things to get to the other side of the room. Apart from helping to prevent accidents, this will give the appearance of a more spacious room.


Use The Room For What It Is Meant For


A room is always easier to make more functional is you are using it for the purpose it was designed. Don’t try to turn your living room into a home office or a workshop of some sort. It should be a relaxation area for you and the family after a hard day.


In our homes, we have living rooms, bedrooms, bathroom, kitchens and dining rooms as well as perhaps a couple of other rooms if we are lucky. Each room has its own use and keeping to that will make your home easier to keep clean, and the use of each room will be clearly defined.


It is easy to fall into the trap of letting things from one room end up in another, such as a dining chair in the living room or a kitchen stool in the bathroom. Keep things where they should be, and every room in your home will stay functional.


It is easy to make a functional room if you follow these simple steps.


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