How To Inject Fun Into Your Homestead

When we think of refining our homestead, we can often take on many grand ideas. We might wish for the perfect front porch, the most resplendent flower arrangement in our front garden, or to change the name of our property to something regal and memorable. There’s nothing wrong with any of this, of course. In fact, if you read any of our content, you’ll know the value and power within careful and loving investment in your home. 

However, from time to time, it can’t hurt to enjoy a little fun. Even the most beautiful mansions are missing something without a little childish flair, a little fun, and novelty. If you feel that you have none of that within you to express, you likely haven’t been looking hard enough. Injecting fun into your homestead can feel like a troubling and somewhat confusing effort, but when done correctly, it’s actually extremely simple.

So let us consider how you might achieve this. After all, a little nonsense now and then is relished by even the wisest men:

whimsical birdhouse

How To Inject Fun Into Your Homestead


Family Celebration

A means of celebrating your family will always be among the most fun decisions you can make. There’s a whole spectrum here. Sometimes, you may truly wish to have paintings or professional photo shoots taken of your family members. If you have the space to hold them in important areas of the household, this can be a great idea.

But sometimes, you wish to celebrate your family with a little more novelty. For example, having dog artwork prints made through a reliable service could potentially help you celebrate your dogs as part of the family. This will also put a smile on the face of anyone passing by said artwork for years. We all sadly know that our pets cannot stay with us forever, and so something like this also allows you to remember them in the prime of their lives.


Fun Garden Features

Garden features can be a great way of implementing a little fun and interest into your space. Let us say that in your rural space, you might have a much larger driveway than someone living in suburbia. If you have the room, why not install a fountain in the middle of your large driveway? This allows for a nice circular driveway that helps many cars organize themselves correctly whenever you might be hosting. Fun hedge designs and novel flower arrangements can work to your advantage and will help your garden seem more encouraging to live in.

garden fountain in center of landscaping

Rename Your Home

If you have yet to select a name for your home, doing so can be extremely worthwhile and fun! Renaming your home can not only help your home stand out once more, but it can help you feel a sense of pride and interest. It certainly adds fun and novelty. For example, naming it ‘The Mill’ after the original purpose the home was built for can spurn many conversations with your guests. It might even entice you to research its history even further.

Learn many ways you can inject some fun into your homestead with these 3 tips.

Using some of this advice, we hope you can better inject fun into your homestead. 



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