Your Front Door: Achieving the Grandiose Style in 2 Ways

We want to make our homes appear in our image, and say something about us to the world. That is why grandiose style is still so popular and why your front door could maybe use a little of this philosophy.

Achieving a Grandiose Front Door

Interior design has been slowly shifting toward the debate of futurism. This debate entails, why functionality should really be given the top spot of priorities instead of form. Style has to take a backseat to practicality, in other words. Yet, this is something that we do not really want to accept for our homes.

It is fine for major buildings, so they can allow more people to enjoy them freely, but why not for our living spaces? Well, one of the reasons is, our homes are a statement to and from us.

Classical Pillars

Neo-classical pillars

The ancient Greek style has been passed down through the centuries because it is the original grandiose style. You have seen it before, with it’s incredible pillars, with cylindrical indents, and vast circumference. The pearly white pillars of the Pantheon are known around the world for their artistic nature.

These types of pillars could be holding up the physical awning above your front door. Such pillars have been used in English manor houses as well as French villas in the South of France. They are made out of a particular type of travertine. They are easy to work with, i.e. sculpt, but also fantastic against weather erosion. This is why the ruins of ancient Rome and ancient Greece are still standing, over 2,000 years on.

Modern stairs

There’s little doubt about it, the most recognizable grandiose design of a modern home is the wrought iron railings. Make your own design by speaking with a company that does custom work. Clearly, they are loved around the world because we can see them in every new mansion house design from New York, to London and even Mexico.

This type of iron when bent, takes on the appearance of wood. It’s rough and layered, allowing it to be bent into any shape yet, remain tough and rugged. With 3D imaging, the exact measurements of a design can make for a well-proportioned railing for your front door. It won’t look out of place and tacky, as is the case when it’s too large.

Protestant arch

The protestant arch is a layered design or commonly known as being ‘stacked’. The layers of bricks are curved around the door and are done in a two or three-layer stack. They can also be of varying 3D designs, whereby the upper-most arch is protruding outward and the other layers are gradually fading into the wall. The arch can be plastered over for one smooth surface so it can look better with your color scheme. It’s also very easy to implement to a property that doesn’t have an arch, making it one of the most practical solutions for a grandiose front door.

What do you think, do you like these grandiose suggestions? Front doors are statements of our homes, and if you want something that makes yours look classical and opulent, these are your best options.

Use these simple but impactful ideas to bring the grandiose style to your front door of your home.

Final Thoughts on Your Front Door Style

As you can see, having pillars surrounding your front door are a great way to showcase a grandiose style for your home. Whether you choose classical pillars or non-classical pillars, either choice provides a new refreshing and exquisite look for your front door!

Do you have any tips or suggestions on achieving the grandiose style for your front door that you can share with others? Please share them in the comment box below.

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