Four Reasons Blue Curtains Can Improve Your Mood

Have you ever considered using blue curtains to improve your mood?

You know the feeling when you walk into a nicely decorated space and the inviting ambiance washes over you? You feel content and at peace and safe. Sometimes it also makes you feel invigorated or inspired or productive.

It’s no secret that certain spaces can make us feel certain ways. Through intentional use of decorations, prints, and colors, feelings can be created.

Colors, especially, play a huge role in setting the tone of a room. There are whole professions based off of the science of color and color theory. Not to mention that every interior decorator must be well versed in the different ways colors can be used to establish atmosphere.

Blue curtains

But you don’t have to go to school to be color smart. If you’re interested in home decor and the way certain combinations of light, color, and space shape an area, that’s all that matters!

Let’s examine the color blue specifically. Like every color, blue has vastly diverse shades and hues. From highly pigmented cobalt blue to vibrant arctic blue to gentle teal blue.

Blue is known to be a tranquil and calming color. Although the effect does vary slightly depending on the concentration of the shade. When it comes to creating a welcoming and comfortable space in your home, blue is one of the absolute best choices.

Whether you go all out and paint the walls blue or prefer some subtle blue accenting, we encourage you to choose blue! Our personal favorite decoration hack for incorporating a color into your home is through complementary blue curtains

Blue walls

Why Curtains?

Curtains can be reminiscent of your childhood or the homes and places you’ve lived due to their prints and color schemes. Along with adding a touch of nostalgia to your home, they can really shape the mood and tone of a room. Yet they aren’t attention-grabbing on their own.

When added to the equation of your design layout, they can completely transform your space. And in a way you’d never believe is owed to curtains alone! 

Here are four reasons why blue curtains should be your next design move if you want to improve the way you feel in your home.

Blue used in the bedroom

Blue Is Associated With Wide Open Spaces

When you think of blue, what is the most significant use of the color you can think of? Probably the brilliant blue sky. Because of the strong association with wide open spaces, blue is associated with freedom, release, and autonomy.

The same way you feel on gorgeous blue-sky days when you’re gazing upwards is how you can feel in your home. Even on rainy days trapped indoors. Blue can also make your space feel more expansive than it is, a plus if you easily feel confined indoors.

You could paint your ceiling a soft pale blue and stare up at it every time you’re overwhelmed. Or you could get the same effect for much less effort with blue curtains.

Blue skies

Blue Represents Security

Your home should be your safe space where you can always return at the end of a long day or long trip and settle back into your happy routine. Life’s problems have a way of getting to your inner sense of peace. Especially if you have a stressful job (in or out of your home) or live in a chaotic neighborhood.

Anxious people as well as those dealing with overwhelming circumstances will especially feel the safel, protective aspect of blue. Light a candle, play some music, take deep breaths and look at the blue around you in your home. 

blue candles

Blue Curtains Brings the Best Parts of the Outdoors In

Recently, we all found ourselves spending more time than usual inside. But it’s a known fact that nature has an uplifting and calming effect on people.

Some of the most beautiful parts of nature that we love are the color blue: the ocean, cool blue lakes and springs, sweet blueberries, the vast sky, and rare blue birds and flowers.

For every nature lover who also values their time inside (or is required to be inside often), blue is an easy way to bring the outside world to you. Why not do so with blue curtains?

Blue curtains

Blue Is Relaxing

Life can be really trying and stressful. From unexpected situations that arise to the everyday stressors of work, family, health, and life itself, everyone needs a peaceful space where they can relax.

Blue is a tranquil color proven to create a zen ambiance that can lift your mood. In order to make your home a place where you can recharge your batteries after a long, hard, experience, incorporating blue around you is a perfect method.

blue paneled walls

Takeaway on Blue Curtains

Your home is a special place where you want to feel at peace and mentally healthy. You can aid in creating these responses through intentional design using the color blue.

All you need is simple yet stunning blue curtains to lift your mood while you’re at home. Whether you spend most of your time inside or eagerly rush home at the end of the day, your space can be your idyllic refuge.

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