Do I Have FoundationProblems? Here Are 5 Signs to Know

Your house is indubitably one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. So, foundation problems are issues you don’t want to overlook. If ignored, a minor problem can become severe structural damage that requires a huge repair budget.

Fortunately, you can identify foundation problems before they become serious issues.  Here are 7 signs of something wrong with your foundation.

1. Wall and Floor Cracks

Settling in the foundation is when inclement weather, contracting and expanding soils, and moisture causes a structure to have a foundation movement. A tiny crack or hairline fissure on the wall is its manifestation. It’s considered a normal phenomenon in the first 2-3 years of construction.

If what you see are gaps and not hairline cracks, that’s a foundation problem manifest. Floor cracks, horizontal cracks in brick exterior, and gaps in the foundation are signals that your foundation has more than acceptable foundation settling.

In many cases, vertical cracks are not signs of a problem. Cracks that run in a horizontal direction have a higher degree of severity. They are indications that your foundation is under too much pressure.

Concrete wall with cracks

2. Foundation Sinking

Foundation sinking is when one side of your house is lower than the other. If you notice this, then you have foundation trouble to deal with. Over time, what starts on one side of your home will extend to the other sides and inevitably make your foundation out of level.

Fortunately, foundation sinking can be repaired. Get a foundation repair expert to have your house checked. The longer you allow the deterioration to continue, the bigger the problem becomes to solve.

Sinking foundation

3. Out-of-Level  Floors

If you’ve noticed that some areas of your floor have become heaved, sunken, or sloppy, this could be a sign of a foundation problem. Moisture and plumbing leaks are the leading cause of upheaval foundation. By waterproofing foundation walls you can prevent any more damage to your home.

Heavy water leaks will result in a great deal of moisture under your foundation. Soil becomes heavier when wet. If allowed to gain enough weight, heavy soil can push your foundation upward. That’s when you see some part of your floor out of level.

4. Sticking Doors and Windows

Another common sign of foundation dilemmas is sticking doors. When you notice the door in your house fails to open and close properly, this might be because of a shift in the foundation.

Foundation shift can raise one side of a door above the other, causing the frame around your window and door to shift. This can make doors and windows in your house stick or drag at either end. It can also cause double doors not to align properly at the center or hang properly.

While sticking doors is not only associated with a foundation problem, it’s safe to get your foundation inspected. You don’t want to take any chances. You may need to look a company that specializes in foundation drainage solutions and get them to take a look and see if repairs can be made.

Door stuck because of bad foundation

5. Cabinets Separating From The Wall

What comes to your mind when you see your kitchen cabinet pulling away from the wall? It’s normal to think the problem is the wood. But most times, the real problem is with your foundation.

Cabinets and countertops that sit miles away from the wall can be due to out-of-level walls. Uneven walls are a foundation movement mishap. When you notice your cabinets are protruding and the problem is not the wood, it’s high time you contracted a foundation repair expert.

A house with foundation problems

Final Thoughts on Foundation Problems

Have you witnessed any of the signs above? If yes, don’t delay the repair of your foundation. Doing so will only heighten the potential of danger and increase the repair cost.

Lastly, the above are not the only signs of foundation problems. They are just the common ones anyone can identify. Other signs can also indicate complications.

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